Latham, MO

Dean and Cyndi Reichel have established "Reichel Farms #2" at McGirk, MO on a twelve acre spread that was a part of the original McGirk family's farm. The operation includes the horses, Lexie, Mary, Taz, Penny, Jackie, Banc, and a donkey named Tiny, a Great Pyreneese mix, Bear, Corgis, Peanut and Casey, Princess, who is the house cat, Angel, a bird, a ferret, several barn cats, Dean's dog, Biscuit, an Shepherd/Heeler mix. Both Dean and Cyndi are former Vocational Ag instructors at Central Missouri Schools. Dean is now the lead salesman at Sears Automotive in Jefferson City and Cyndi works for the DYS at Fulton and will complete her degree in counseling next Spring.

The Crew


Lexie is a two year old filly that was Dean's wedding present to Cyndi.  Here trainer, Sharon Ward, is putting her through the paces at a horse show in California, MO
Lexie & Sharon waiting for the ribbon.

Cyndi & Lexie

Camryn & Lexie


Tiny's official job is to keep the coyotes away during calving and foaling seasons.


Taz, the new red dun colt was born to Mary, Dean's mare.


Mary is the proud mother of Taz 

Casey, A Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Mary and Taz and an open gate!!!


Biscuit is an Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix that will soon be joining the crew at Reichel Farms West






We want to take time to thank some very special people who are teaching us the ropes on the horse show circuit.
First, we thank a very special trainer,
Sharon Ward
Darryl, Sharon, Kelsay & Tyler Ward
9505 N. Route Z
Centralia, MO 65240
Sharon is a trainer and instructor that opens the lines of communication through natural and traditional horsemanship. We highly recommend her for training both horse and rider.
Lexie & Sharon
We also want to thank
Bud and Susan Hirschvogel
for their help in finding our first horses to put on
Bud and Susan
own and operate the
California, MO
Bud and Susan are our aunt and uncle and are great mentors in helping us get started.  For good stock, be sure to check with them to see what they have available.


Uncle Bud on the right with their trainer, Bud Craighead.


Aunt Susie with her granddaughter, Dylann, in the Lead/Line competition


Cyndi Reichel and "Jackie", their halter horse.

Pat Prater, showing "Banc", owned by Dean and Cyndi Reichel

Bud and Susan with granddaugher, Dylann, at a horse show in New Bloomfield, MO.