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I thought you might like to see how handsome Foster has turned out.  He has tons of energy and is really smart.  He recently graduated his second obedience class and we plan start agility in the spring.  He loves to play Frisbee as a matter of fact if you say the word he bolts for the door!  We will send more pictures as he grows up.

Thank you so much,

Adrianna & Jeremy

Hello Linda,

Here is a picture of our Daisy. She's about 10 1/2 weeks now. We enjoy having her.



Hi, my name is Michelle Torchia and I am training one of your ACD pups. Kevin & Natalie Norwood of Valencia, CA are the new proud parents of Blue.  One of your Males. I love this dog.  My own ACD 'Bob' helps me train him.  In fact, he helps me do everything.  They are amazing dogs.My ACD does commercials, movies & print work.  He has been on Animal Planet several times and did an American Idol Ford commercial last year.  He has traveled all over the US and last year my husband and I drove to Montana where 'Bob' got to heard 500 head of cattle. He's an amazing frisbee dog and sometimes does agility and sometimes goes sheep herding. 

Thank you.


Michelle & Bob

Hi Linda. Just wanted to give you some updated photos of blue. He is now
22lbs and doing great. I did have to take him to the vet for the blood in the
stool on Saturday, and come to find out he has Giardia. Which apparently they
get from digging in the dirt or a water source, feces.. I just wanted to give
you heads up because I don't know if he got it here or where? But everything is
fine and I will keep you updated. Oh bye the way, Michelle just adores Roo
(Frisco). Thanks again.

Natalie Norwood

I want to thank you for sending me such a wonderful puppy!! I am absolutely in love with her. I have attached a couple of pics of her at the office. She is so super sweet and so smart!

Hi and happy new year!, I figured that I would send you a picture of Spur since we've had him a little over a year now. He's been a pleasure, he's got such a personality and is extremely smart. Once again thanks!


Hi Linda:

Carson has arrived safely to NYC and I picked up at the airport. Thank you! I attached a few pictures of him while he is settling down in his new home.
He had a bit of bloody diarrhea. I was wondering he had this before he came or is this due to the stress of traveling?
Thanks so much for my new puppie!

I imagine the bloody diarrhea was from the stress of travel and being separated from Shania, our little terrier, who he had spent the week with. He was wormed this week and his bowels had been a little hard.
I would suggest getting him some Select Bites by IAMS for puppies. That will have oil in it and just mix a little of that with his hard food.
I pride myself in helping the new family members adjust to their new homes

Hi Linda
I wanted to update you on our pup's progress. Rio was one of your June babies, the tri colored dude. He has settled in very nicely. He is a very smart boy, he does not have the best perception therefore is a bit clumsy but that adds to his charm and unique personality. He was neutered last week and although did not want to go with the vet, with me by his side, he was sedated. I picked him up later on and it was like nothing was different. He was happy to be home and carried on his normal activities. Rio is a funny guy, he will carry around anything, and chews pennies or paperclips, anything that he can find. He has not ruined anything yet, but keeps us busy taking things out of his mouth.
I will absolutely recommend your puppies again and again.
He is awesome!
High River, Alberta

We got the papers yesterday! Thanks! We are making our first trip to the Vet on Saturday. Here is a photo of Reba w/my daughter.
She is doing much better now w/the potty training already. She's a smart one!!! We'll send more photos as she grows!

hi linda! we got home w Kiah today! she's perfect!! :) we love her so much!
her and boscoe are so playful with eachother! she's already taken 3 naps and
she's about to go on her 4th! i'll send you some pictures when we get our
computer up and running again. Thank you so much for all of your help in
getting us our perfect little angel. we'll keep in touch! have a wonderful

Hello From California,
Just wanted to let you know that i'm fitting in pretty good with the new parents.Dad has never been around a little one like me. I went to the Vet today and I weigh 5.4 lbs. I'm getting big.They chaned my name I think it is Taz and I think I have a middle name that is No. Cuz when they are telling me I did something wrong they say "Taz No"Missy , my sister is coming around. WE all cuddles this morning with mom and dad while they had coffee. Hope my picture comes through.

Love Taz

Linda, Thanks for sending him to us. We are really enjoying him.


Just wanted to send a current picture of Red, he's 8 months old now, and he is beautiful.We love him so much, he has a great personality, and can jump 6' from a standing position.He brings us so much joy everday.

Thank you
Cindy Girton

Hello Linda,

I know this picture is a long time coming. Delaney is growing by leaps and bounds. It is hard to believe that she is 5 months old already. It seems we have had her for a life time. She is a bright spot in all our lives. I don't know what we ever did without her. You picked the perfect pup for us. Delaney is so full of energy. She keeps us on our toes. It isis a delight to watch all of her antics. She is so loveable. We have finished our Puppy training. The instructor said she is very bright and learns quickly. She thinks I should continue with training and enter Delaney into competition. I am going to continue with training. I don't know if I have the time for competing.
Can't wait until Spring get here so we can take her outside and play with her. She loves to play fetch the ball. It will be neat to do it outside so she will have more room to run.

Hi Linda,
I've been wanting to send you some photos, but needed to wait until I had more to choose from. Madison is adjusting well to her new surroundings. I think it helped that Jess was here with her. She has explored every corner of the yard a few times over. We play fetch and "Get Mr. Squeaky". Mr Squeaky is her orange chew toy. She has been around the neighrhood a few times also. Everyone knows her now and if she gets out and becomes lost, the people will know who they are looking for. Thank you for the adorable puppy. She is so much fun now that I can't wait for her to get older. Take care.

Jess and Bob Livengood

It has been almost a year since Madison came to live with us. Words can't describe the amount o flove and joy she has brought to our house. I am including a few photos, and  I am considering buying another puppy from you. I know Jess would love that, of course the cat may think about running away. Take care and God bless.

All our best, Jess and Bob Livengood of Phoenix,AZ


Hi Linda, I just wanted to send u some pics of the puppy in his new home. He is adjusting very well and has much fun running around our house and yard. He and my husky play very well together (Jake is a gentle giant.) We are working with him around our 7mth old and he is actually very well behaved. He gets a little excited and tries to chew on Denton's feet, but we tell him no a few times and he moves on to play with his actual toys! Denton just loves to watch him. We named him CJ. It snowed here today so we took him out to play tonight. He quite enjoyed it, but it was fairly cold out so I didn't let him play too long. Got some cute pics of that. Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Hi Linda. I hope all has been going well. I know the weather has got to be better than it was. Just want to let you know we love our new addition to the family. Daisy is doing great and seems to treat all of us equally so far, which means she can't get enough of any of us. She still cocks her head and looks so smart. She has had all her shots now, so we are finally able to take her for walks. Cory has really been patient waiting for this time. I have pictures in my camera, but I need to sit down and learn how to download them and send them through email. I will do that soon.
Sincerely, David Spellman


Hi Linda

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how much we are enjoying our new family addition. "MO" (short for Machismo)is very happy here and loves to torment his sister, Charly. He loves to play with his toys, has learned many tricks already, and has a good handle on house training. He is so smart, very vocal, and likes to play "King of the Bed". I will keep your contact information and will check in from time to time as I have friends that are also planning on purchasing Mini Aussie's from you in the future.

Warm regards,Sonsee Shively

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