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Chloe is gonna be one spoiled baby in Redlands, CA. I am so happy for her and her new family.

Linda, Just wanted to update you on little Maddie. She has been an absolute dream. She had a busy first few days because everyone wanted to meet her and has been handling everything really well. We even went on some trails and she went swimming a bit a couple days ago. She is great with kids, we had a barbecue the other day and all of the little kids were trying to play with her and carry her everywhere and she just wagged her little tail, gave them kisses and tolerated them really well. Gets along really well with my boyfriend's pitbull and is trying really hard to make friends with my parents pom and chihuahua (they're a little hesitant about having a new dog in the house). She's eating pretty well now, just have to mix a little wet food in. The only thing she really isn't too fond of is being left alone. If left in a room by herself or crated when no one else is in the room, she isn't a very happy camper and cries a lot, but we're working on it. Put a big stuffed dog in her kennel with her which seemed to help a little bit. I uploaded some pics of her on fb and she just got a haircut at the groomer today, and the groomer was really impressed with how well she did. So I'll be uploading some new pics of her soon. Just wanted to say thanks for everything!! ~Danielle

Linda, His flight was delayed about an hour but, he arrived safe & sound. He is beautiful and such a waggly little tail. His whole back end wags. I can tell he's going to have a wonderful personality. We stopped off on the way home from the airport to see my oldest daughter and youngest grandson. They also think he's great. The other two grandkids should be over later this afternoon. We went to the vet this morning and other that a little diarrhea, he was given an absolutely clean bill of health. He's tired right now and is taking a nap with my husband. He and I were up 3 times last night, went outside to water the grass. This morning the neighbors were over with their 12 week old pup - a tri Toy Australian Sheppard. Theirs being older, is taller with fairly long legs. They ran about the yard for awhile. Boomer kept running back to my feet for protection from the faster barking dog. I love him and will keep you posted on how he's doing. Thank you again. Alice

Linda, Just thought I would send you some updated photos of Tucker Boone. It has been quite some time since we have communicated and thought you would be interested to see how he is doing. We have moved from the greater Kansas City area to a 2 acre plot northeast of Tulsa, OK so him and his new friend Lucy Belle have much more room to run. Lucy Belle is his new mate (on the left), whom is a mutt we adopted from a local shelter. Hope you all are doing well. Respectfully, Jake Bixby

linda- we made it home around 730. "skip" (shamoo) is doing well. he made the long trip home with out a sound, enjoying the crate we put him in. listened to merit and jhett laugh and pester each other majority of the way!! haha my husband and i are very impressed with his gentleness toward our children. he's very loving with both of them. i hope i haven't spoken too soon and that he continues to do well with them. i am attaching pics i took this evening. had a few questions- how much food to you feed him? we're not sure how much he weighs. has he had a parvo/distemper shot? do we need to have one? thanks, again- we'll keep in touch! audra

* Caleb and Gunner: This is a picture of the little boy that wanted the dog and
Gunner fishing. Needless to say, Caleb didn't catch anything except a best friend! Haha.

Caleb thought it was too cold for Gunner to be outside.
He insisted Gunner got a winter coat like everyone else!

Gunner and Ashton, Caleb's big sister.

Gunner and Ashton, Caleb's big sister.


Linda, I know it's been a while since I picked up Gunner (little blue merle male pup) as a Christmas present for my cousins. I've been begging for some pictures of him and finally got a few, so I'm sending them to you! He has turned out to be a wonderful dog and they absolutely love him! He's sooo pretty too! I wish I would of kept him! =^) Here's a little blurb that the mother of family emailed me about Gunner: "That dog is such a good dog and just is the best fetcher ever. When Colin is pitching and overthrows the ball Good Ol' Gunner will run down into the woods and comes out with the ball! When he wants to play Frisbee he will pick it up and stand and look at you like come on I'm ready to play :^) We went out of town this weekend so my mom watched our boys at our house so that she could take care of Gunner and she even said that he is a good dog! When we got home on Sunday Good Ol' Gunner was just waiting for us to get out of the van...He was just sooooo happy we were home. I used to get my first hug from Caleb, now its from Gunner!" We are ALL attached to the little guy." I honestly think Gunner was the perfect dog for this family! Every time I talk to them they have nothing but praises to say and lots of stories to tell me! He's getting spoiled rotten' at their house! Hope all is well! Brooke Kempker

Hey Brooke, I took some pictures of Gunner he got a bunch of new BIRTHDAY stuff...a little early because we are going to be at Ashton's nationals on his bday. I thought you could share with the lady who helped out Santa. You can tell her that he is a part of our family and the kids love him. As soon as we get home he comes running with his Frisbee ready to play. Only problem... is we found out that he does like to CHASE grandpa Wilbur's cows....ooops! (what grandpa doesn't know won't hurt....he-he Next week he gets to spend the week with Grandma Norma who is already worried about having stuff to entertain him... Stephanie

Hi Linda, Just wanted to give you an update on odys. We love him!! He is beautiful and very smart and playful and gentle and sweet and just wonderful!! I really wanted to email and just send you an example of how smart he is. We live about a mile from an ice cream stand but the stand is on a busy street, but sometimes we take the boys down to get some ice cream, we are just really careful obviously. Well we decided to take odys (I know the spelling on that is weird but its short for odysseus and pronounced just like otis) w/us. My 4 year old kept getting close to the white line on the road and I kept getting very nervous. When we got to the stand odys was having a wonderful time licking up the ice cream the boys dripped, plus found ice cream that someone else had just dropped. Anyways on the way home my son got very very close to the white line and odys decided that was not ok and made a wall between my son and the white line and stayed there the whole way home, he would not let my son anywhere near the road, it was great!! Anytime he got close to the road he would nudge Daniel over a bit. He is just such a good dog. He doesn't try to herd the kids (yet, dunno if he will or not) he plays tag w/them thru the house when they ask him to, but mainly he just has to know where everyone is all the time. We don't all have to be together as long as he knows where we are thats good enough. If the kids are upstairs he just runs and checks on them once in awhile. He is a little shy of strangers but I like it better that way. Once I tell him its ok, he will let them pet him and fuss over him but before that he comes over and sits on my feet. He's just so good, I could not ask for a better dog!! Thank you so much for helping us get him and for steering us towards him, he was the perfect choice for our family!! Liz p.s- if you ever need a recommendation please feel free to use us!!

I wanted to share a picture of "Red" that we adopted from you. We live in Wilmington, DE and you recommended that I adopt this puppy ---- boy were you right on. He is my very best friend. My son Paul adopted his brother and is also very, very happy with their new addition. They will be a year old on August 10th and I thought I'd share a picture.

Sorry this took so long. Hope you enjoy them. We love them. Thanks so much. Peggy & Jack Gillespie, and our kids: Josh, Andy, Angel & Jenna

We just bought Sal from you a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great! He is a super puppy. He loves his toys and coming in and out of our house through the doggy door. Attached is a picture of him with our 5 year old son. Our son absolutely loves him and Sal sleeps with him in his bed at night. Thank you for the great Aussiedoodle! Matthew Martin

this is agusta, now name gracie ann at a little over year old, she is the sweetest temperament dog, very smart, very loyal, she loves to walk in the woods, take rides in the car, and bury bones, everybody that sees her, falls in love with her, I cant tell you how much joy she has brought our family...thank you sooo much for her...steve clark

Hi Linda, Here's the first pictures...been so busy getting adapted to having a baby in the house. She's so smart she's already paper trained...which is important here in WA state...these tiny dogs don't like going outside when the grass is wet. We adore her...If Scrappy has trouble getting a home let me know...I will save up enough $$$ to get him too :) Thanks Sue

Hi, Just wanted to share a picture of Bettie, the shep-terrier that you offered as my pet. She is a delight and has the most pleasant personality of any terrier we've ever had. Thanks so much for your generosity. Cindy Hart

Hello there, Sending pictures of Boomer. He's a happy 6 month old who developed legs and a tail. Loves to run, jump, lick & snuggle. We are so happy with him. Thank you again. Alice & Nick Santangini

Linda, We are absolutely loving our Maddie Mae. You may remember as Cher born to Calamity Jane. She is sugary sweet and gets attention everywhere she goes. She is now 18.9 pounds and not expected to grow anymore. The veterinarian says she is in great shape. Maddie Mae and her kitty buddy Bandit take turns chasing each other around the house. Our son James is still wanting to pursue veterinarian medicine and has benefited in learning about dogs. Of course, Maddie Mae is not just like any dog. Australian Shepherds differ greatly from so many other breeds. My husband now has his little girl. Maddie Mae has him wrapped around her little paw. We truly feeel that God blessed us with such a perfectly sweet dog for us. She is a very important part of our family! I've attached some pictures so you can see how beautiful she ended up. I'm not very savy with the computer, so you may get more than I intend. :)

Thank you, Wendy

Hello Linda, I just found an old email and had to let you know we LOVE Bossie (now known as Bella). It's been a year and a half since she arrived and EVERYONE that has come in contact with her, which is a lot of people as she loves to visit, fall in love with her as well. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family. Dani Tucker

Hi Linda, We love, love, love Joey! He is such a sweet, fun and smart puppy. He sleeps in his kennel all night until about 5AM and then he just wants to play. I take him out to use the potty, give him a few toys and within twenty minutes he's back in his kennel sleeping like a baby. In the attached photos are my 8 year old son, Brian, our 3 yr old Lab, Duke and Joey, just kicking back in our backyard. He's getting use to his big buddy, Duke. He learned not to bite Duke's tail anymore LOL. We are so happy to have him. I'll keep you up to date on how he is doing along with updated photos.

Thank you so much

Brutus, 8 months old

Roxy just had her first birthday and is doing wonderful. Some days she is a little naughty but she is so cute and we love her so much! Thank you for sending her to us. Thought you would enjoy a picture or two !

Fondly, Carleigh and Lori

Hi Mrs. Linda! Just wanted to share a picture of the puppies - we named the male "Gumbo" and the female "File" (pronounced fee-lay) Gumbo has grown even more since this picture - they are in obedience class and will start herding class next. Jamie Jamie RG Swafford

Maggie enjoyed Halloween.

Just so you’ll know, Sydney is an awesome dog and she is doing great. Joey from Texas, received her June 5th 2009.

Hello, These were their Halloween pictures. Dux (formerly Mars) was our Quarterback, Calli (my 7 year old ACD) was our head cheerleader, and Jaina (my boyfriend's year old Beagle mix) was our most spirited cheerleader. He'll be 10 months tomorrow and holding steady at a healthy 40 pounds. Hopefully when we get a house we're planning on getting another one. He's an absolute hoot & a huge lover boy. He is a momma's boy through & through. Thank you, Cassi Davis & Wayne Howe along with Calli (AKA Monkey), Dux (AKA Duecer), & Jaina (AKA Booty)

shiloh in her early christmas present. i think she likes it and it keeps her warm

Dory with Santa

Tempie had a check up today and shes already gained a whole 1lb since we got her, got her 1st lyme shot and is looking great :) She has fit into our family beautifully. Our cock-a-poo and her have really hit it off and have become epic buds. The girls and I adore her :) She is sooo smart she and is almost house broke already! We are down to 1 accident in the house a day, she even asks to go out!!! Thank you so much, we are so in love with her.



Charlie Rose is 28 pounds now and is a wonderful dog we love her dearly and is spoiled rotten!! She is in puppy classes at pets smart and her teacher says she needs to be in the gifted class!! HAHA Onyx the puppy you sold to one of my residents actually gave her to me also however it was too much with two so I gave her to my best friend. They will keep in touch and play often Charlie Rose loves her sister we changed her name from onyx to Sammi Jo.

Raquel Collins


Just wanted to send you one last pic of the boys. They are adjusting well to their new home. Still skiddish of strangers, noises and automobiles. They really bonded to me quickly and sleep with me in bed every night. My ex husband kept our 100 pound German Shepherd so they met their brother on Sunday. Thank you again for great pups. Take care.

Miss Linda, Just some flix of Darlin', the pup we bought from you this past fall, born 8.15.11. She is a healthy, sassy, "back talking" spoiled mess and we couldn't be happier with her. She lives here in Pa with us but is moving to Texas with us at the end of the month. She has been spayed and micro-chipped, never had a flea or tick and simply gorgeous! Darlin' will be the mascot of our new company we are kicking off there around Gonzales this Spring and will have a larger yard and larger house for new adventures for her (and us). Thank you so much for being a good breeder and selling us such a wonderful family member! God bless you and your family.


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