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Hi Linda, The puppies arrived safely & we finally got home at 5:PM. They were happy to get out of the kennel and run around. I took them outside for a bathroom break twice already, this is what they thought of the snow --- ( attached are a few more pics) They found out it is very hard to go to the bathroom with all 4 feet off the ground!!!!! After a few min. They were running & jumping in the snow. They are very sweet little pups.
Thanks for everything & wishing you a Very Merry Christmas & Happy & Healthy New Year!!!
Cheers, Lenna Cheers

Hi! It’s been six months since we got Daneca (we changed her name to Bailey) and she’s done so well! I included a picture of her standing in the first snowfall of the year, she’s very photogenic when she stands still long enough! She gets along well with our other dogs and cats for the most part, we do have one cat she feels is her personal toy but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. She loves to play fetch, we actually got several tennis balls stuck in our snow blower the first time we used it this winter because she has so many of them out in the yard! (My husband was not happy!) Everyone who meets her loves her, we can’t thank you enough!
Happy Holidays,
Meagan and Mike Willett, and Bailey

Hi, This is Adriana and I'm 9 years old. Just in case you don't remember, my mom got Giselle in March or April of 2009 for me. I just wanted to let you know, that Giselle is doing fine and she is a great dog to have around. My mom had asked me to send picture of Giselle. See attached.
Thank you and have a good holiday!

Linda, we changed Jolene's name to Sadie. She is so very smart and wonderful addition to our family.

Hi Linda, Just wanted you to see Veda's (Shelby) new family and how well loved she is. Thanks again for giving us this wonderful gift!
Happy Holidays!

Despite the video he isn't eating beneful, he has eukenuba. I just haven't gotten rid of that food yet. Still working on my new home. He rode a horse w/ me the other day, he did wonderful. Had to keep him out from underneath the hooves, hard to do when your on it haha. He has become a ferocious spoiled mama's boy. I have some pics of him "leading" the horse by the rope lol ill send them when I can.
Sincerely, Kasandra

Hi Linda, Shooter is doing great, although we renamed him Cooper. He is a smart little guy. He is learning tricks and playing with his big brother. We just wanted to send you our Christmas picture and say thank you again for the puppy. He is a great addition to our family and fits in perfectly. Thank You, Adam & Stephanie

Hi all! Just wanted to take a moment to show you a picture of Shadow (attached) and how she settled right in Christmas morning. It was as if she belonged here from the moment we put her under the tree. She immediately took up with Stephanie and will not let her out of her sight, hence, the name, Shadow. Thank you again for allowing me to come Christmas Eve day and pick her up. "Santa" was able to work his magic and get her comfy under the tree before anyone else in the house woke up ;) We hope to get her in to our vet this week. She is very playful and ornery going to our laundry room and bringing out just about anything to chew on. And she loves to go to our chip shelf and bring a back of chips to the living room. That's quite the site!
Again, thank you all very much,
Lana, Stephanie, Greg, & Ethan Kempf Boonville

Good Morning! We just wanted to let you know how much we love Chookie (we call him Zip). He is really a wonderful addition to our family and everyone loves him. He is easy to train and full of life. He is a little lover, has to be touching at all times with his favorite place being in someones lap. We just wanted to say thank you again for such a great dog.
Thank you again,
Joey and Niki Bricker

Thank you so much for sending me the sweetest girl ever, i love her so much and shes just a doll!! Definately a handful and full of energy!! Everyone in the house loves her and the 4 year old toy boy aussie in really taken to her well. we will send pictures soon.
Thanks again!

She is so special and so smart, we are loving her every day, and I have a friend who may be looking for one too, he has a ranch in Morgan Hill, and he is deciding between the Australian Shepard and the Cattle dog. When would you have another litter? My girl will be trained to be a Therapy dog, go into elder care, and cancer centers for Children, so she is getting acquainted with many people, and her disposition is absolutely great, compared to my other two girls. So I think what ever you are doing early in their lives is such a good thing. Thank you so much., especially finding you out of so many on the internet, guess the good lord was with me.
Thanks, again. jan

Thought you would like to see Tessie at 7 months. She is 10 inches at the shoulder, and weighs about 11 lbs. We are doing great, She is very smart, loving, enjoys people and other dogs.
Enjoy the pic!!!!
camille bentley

Hello Linda, I wanted to send you this email letting you know how our puppy is doing. We ended up changing his name to Izzy. He is doing great! He plays well with the other dogs and our kids love him. He is almost potty broke already. He sleeps in our bed with us at night. I think he is very spoiled already. I'm sending pictures of him for you with this email. In one of the pics you will see him laying on my ottoman... He is very comfortable with us. He keeps the other 2 dogs going. Well that's all for now... I will send more pics later to you so you can see how big he is getting and how he is doing.
Cindy Arban

Hi Reichel Farms, We would like to thank you and your family for the best friend, family member, and companion anyone could ask for. We are referring to our belated friend Gixer, formerly known to you as Badger. He born to Dixie and Roper in July of 2007, we received him in September. Our family has had Blue Heelers for generations, but we had never had one so unique, friendly, devoted, and in other words as perfect as Gixer. We are avid outdoors people. We love to work on the farm, kayak, hike, play sports, and many other activities.
Gixer was always a participant in every aspect of our lives, always eager. In our time with him, we got married (Gixer as the ring bearer) and renovated an old farm house (There will always be tennis balls lodged in the walls and Duct work that he lost during play). He was extremely active throughout his life, even after his near death experience when he was only 6 months old. We nearly lost him working on the farm when my mother accidentally hit him with my father's truck. The accident broke both femurs and fractured his pelvis. Many thought we would have to put him down, but his strong will and our devotion, not to mention some huge favors to our local vet, had him back on his feet in only 2 months.
He was the "goofiest" heeler, he loved to howl, loved to swim(In our experience not a common heeler trait), he watched television-especially when dogs were on, and he had some of the craziest facial expressions that went well with what my wife calls "talking". My father called him "The Pony" because he was big for a heeler; his last recorded weight was 71 lbs. and he was very fit. All and all we couldn't be more thankful for having such a wonderful member of our family. We loved him like our own child. We just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog.
Sincerely, Levi and Keighley Gore
Attached are some photos of our "boy"

Hey, It's asha. The little guys are doing great! I added some pics and I will send some more. Thank you SO much.

Hello Linda! Just wanted to thank you again for our new puppies! We got them settled in and they are doing well. I am attaching to email pictures of us with our new additions. Our Cousin that lives down the road took Bloke he is pictured with his new family. They named him Bowzer. We are pictured with our Ozzie and Bundy which we kept Ozzie's name for her and we named Bundy- Otto. They are so fun and just love them! Thanks again. We will send you more pictures later.

Hi Linda! We have been getting alot of snow dumped on us lately in Indiana! I took some pictures of Ozzie & Otto playing in the snow. They just love it! They bury their heads in it and wrestle around in it! They are so fun to watch! Hope you are doing well! Talk to you soon!
Carrie & Matthew Ellermann

the puppies are doing great.. started working on crate training... trip went well back home.. puppies only had a couple accidents in the crate... I would like to have pictures of the parents if you could get them.. i know rebel is out of a different litter also.. how many was in his litter? and what colors did you have?

I would be EXTREMELY interested if you ever have a red merle pup... have you ever gotten a red merle in this crossings of the shep terriers? i know jasmine was a red merle austrailian shepard..

THANKS Again i love the pups.. i'll get the word spread about this breed on the horse circuits.. prob be able to market some of them also.. i WILL keep in touch.. thanks again for meeting me in st louis this helped out alot on the trip..
Thanks Clint

Hi Linda,
Quigley is doing great! Potty training is going really well--working on crate training and basic commands--almost has sit--walking on a lease perfectly. Very quiet and full of energy--loves chasing Zachary and the soccerball. He has fit into our family like he has always been here. We love him.
Thank you sooo much! Best Valentine's present ever. I will keep you posted.
Sincerely, Cathy

It is unbeleivable how big and smart Fanny has gotten. We are so glad to have her. She is very playful and energetic. Fanny knows many thing such as sit, stay, come, lie down,shake, and to drop an item from her mouth. She is easily the fastest one at the dog park, we usually take her there at least three times a week, she loves meeting new dogs. Fanny also knows how to go through tunnels and knows how to go up and down an obstacle.Here are a few photos that we took of her on Febuary 11 2010.

She talks constantly she sits stay speaks and does a greet which is a sit and gives you her paw to shake we so love her thanks for making her so friendly

Things are going very well with Foxee. She is continuing to adjust and seems to be happy. She has really gotten the hang of house training; Foxee is very intelligent. She is learning her first commands such as sit and is learning quickly. Foxee and Lil Bit get along great; playing with each other most of the day. I have attached some pictures for you. Enjoy! Brandy

Here are a few current pictures of our girls Take Care! Gail Rae Conroy

The girls are getting along great.

Linda, Twister is adjusting just marvelously. He is such a sweetie. Our Josey and him have made amends and are the best of friends. They play and run and tossle like they knew each other since birth. I have attached a pic of me holding both of them on my lap (which is where they both love to be at the end of the day). Thank you again for everything!! We will keep in touch…
~Shirley & Danny Wayne

I got a puppy from you last year around June, I think it was. I just wanted to send you a few pics and let you know how great a dog he is. He is my daughters constant companion. He puts up with clothing, being on a leash and trained almost constantly when he is inside, and most of all he does it happily and stays with he during the night even when he is not on a leash! He is very loved and turned into a beautiful dog inside and out. He goes alot of places with us even though the poor guy gets car sick every time. He trail rides with us and puts up with our Bernese Mountain dogs and puppies although he does heel them just to keep them in line! :) We love him and thank you very much. I will be happy to be a reference for you if you need one and will keep your address for when we need another heeler! We have two so you know how that goes......
Sincerely, Angie Kneip 816-223-8646
P.S. The second pic is the day we brought him home after meeting you in Sedalia. He was loved from the start! And yes, he does allow Lacie to use him for a pillow while she watches tv. oh and his name is Lucky, which is perfect as he has been stepped on during week two of having him by a horse and thought we broke his leg but it healed fine and he fell out of a double mule drawn big wagon during a parade once. If the wheels had run him over he would have been killed as it is heavy. I was behind them and just got off my mule and put him back up there with Lacie. Whewwwww.... Thanks again.

Hi Linda, Just wanted to send you a couple pics and let you know our dog is doing great! He is potty broke all the way now. He knows what treats are... he goes potty he knows exactly where the treats are to get one... He weighs 14 pounds now... He is very energetic. I think he thinks the furniture is a race way for him... he will run from couch to chair then back up the back of the couch. He is very spoiled.... He knows when it is bed time.. he will go straight to his cage and get in it. He loves to get the other dogs up and chasing him all over the house... He is very smart... he will get our shitzu mad and he will chase Izzy and Izzy will go back and take the toy Rascal had... like I said he is very smart! Well I will let you go just wanted to let you know how he is doing now, Thanks Cindy Arban

Doing well in Illinois.

Attached are pictures of Molly in Alaska soon to be joined by Melody of the Karter/Koda litter, another repeat buyer.
Thank you Schultz family.

Hello Linda! I'm so sorry it has taken us this long to get you a few pictures of Wally and Tug. Their new names, like I told you when we picked them up, are Lane (blue) and Tuff (red). They are named after the 8 Seconds movie with the blue riders. The car ride home was long since we wanted to let them out at the rest stops as much as possible. Lane was sick for about the first hour or so. He threw up a bunch of times. Then he finally started to feel better. Tuff never once got sick. We didn't get home till 9:15pm. They love picking on eachother ... bitting each others' tails and necks. We're trying to settle that down a bit. They bite. We're also trying to stop that! They also untie people's shoes!!! If you have bare toes, they lick them! Other things we will try to get under control: jumping up on people and eating everything in site. Lane will eat pretty much anything! Poor little guy seems hungry, but he also eats his food. My mom was over visiting today and was teaching them to catch kong frisbees! We can tell that they are going to be very smart! We are so excited to watch them grow and learn! They are slowly learning not to be RIGHT under foot. By the way, when we called you right away on the way home about Lane's foot ... it ended up being fine. Thank goodness! :) Well, here are some pictures! Thank you so much for our wonderful pups! If you would like more pictures as they continue to grow ... let me know!
Thanks again! Ashley and Adam Lane and Tuff


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that odys (vegas) is doing great. He is so incredibly smart. He knows sit, down, no, off, come, and we are working on stay. When he comes when we call him he sits down instead of jumping up, at least he tries really hard to remember to, and he does it most of the time. In the morning he gets a little excited and forgets. He whines when he has to go out sometimes. I think he should be mostly housetrained in another week or two. He is not like any other dog we have owned, he puts his head to the side and it seems like he knows what we are saying half the time and the other half he is just trying so hard to understand, you can almost see his mind constantly working. We are starting socialization and everyone loves him. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes to warm up to someone, he will duck down and crouch towards them but once they pet him he just melts and loves the attention. But he is always kind to everyone, I don't think he has a mean bone in his body. My dad is just in love with him. He comes over and pets the puppy before he even says hello to the grandkids :) Thank you so much for such an adorable, brilliant puppy!!
Liz Biwer

She starts training tomorrow for being a Therapy dog she loves water and has a powerfull sniffer can smell things miles away. We love her sooooo much

Just wanted to send a picture of POOH. She really has been a sweetheart! Full of energy, very obedient and smart. For a treat she will sit, lay down, and come running. She is around 3 and 1/2 months and a real cutie. Attached is a picture. She is very special to the entire family. Thanks, Jayne Dunkmann

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