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Here is a picture of Lilly and Emily.
Sorry it took me so long. She is so sweet. we are still having a
little trouble with the potty training but she is still a puppy.

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to thank you again for giving me such a wonderful little dog.
He's a joy to have.
Here's a couple of pictures.

This is a picture of the dog I got from you last July..

His name is Rowdy, and yes he is a clown...and part cat

Karen Andrews, Alabama

Hey its rechele and corey,
sorry we haven't sent iyou any pictures of brooks. Everything has been crazy since the new baby came and having him in the hospital and eveything else. Here are some i took of him wth our other dog.

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know how spoiled this little girl is. She is my dream dog, I love her so much. Thank you so much for her. Her second birthday is coming up in october on the 15th! Everyone who sees her adores her. I moved from a 300 acre farm back to my hometown with only 2 acres to spare for her and no pond. But now she has a grandmother and grandfather who adore and spoil her, and she has plenty of other dogs to keep her company. She's been here for almost a year and I take her to the park at least once a week if not more. I am the one who came up early christmas morning. I drove six hours with my ex to bring her home to arkansas. BTW, she loves car rides. I can't wait to get another one. I attached some photos of her so you guys can see her! Can't wait to hear from you!

Katie Bellinger

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to let you know how this guy is doing here in NJ.

He's very good, and enjoys his 'farm jobs'. He especially likes to 'help' with watering, running back and forth, 'herding' the hose.

LOL He is cautious around the horses, and loves the barn cats. He has even helped with getting the sheep back into his pen.
One of his favorite toys is a horse jolly ball, which at first he could barely carry. It's comical to watch him wrestle with it. He gets along great
with big sister Spice and she is very tolerant of him.

We really love him!!

Happy trails from Rainbow Ranch!
Lou and Joe

Just a short note, Gilly is 10 pounds and doing fine. Picture of Gilly with his "brother" Augie on their couch.

Hi Linda, We made it home last night at midnight. The poor little fella got car sick. We got him cleaned up and today he is fantastic. Full of Puppy Power. I think Tim is naming him "Chief" I don't like it, but I don't care really. Anyway he woke up this morning used to the kitchen so he felt free to roam and play. He has two dog beds already. One inside and one outside on the back deck. He likes it out there on the screened in porch. He is so sweet. Guess what, other than wetting on me in the car last night, he has NOT gone once in the house. He loves the grass and the two dogs are now friends. Running and chasing in the yard. He generally sticks close to me but he will run off with the Westie a little ways. Here are some pictures. The one laying beside the dog bed cracks me up. Not in it but beside it. Thank you so much, Dawn Slavings

Linda, Just wanted you to know that Tessie arrived just fine, We had three days to bond quite well. She is great!!! Just now have to win the battle over the housebreaking, then we can start working on other training. She likes her toys, seems very smart, is quite loving and is keeping me real busy. Thanks, Camille

Now at home in Colorado

I've decided to rename Pete. His new name is Riley. He arrived today at 12:10 PM and it was love at first sight. He has the best disposition and temperment. He seems to be adapting very quickly here at his new home. I've scheduled an appointment at the vets for Monday. Riley is adorable. Thank you again for everything.

Thank you for checking in. She had her surgery last Monday and is doing great we had her spade and Louie neutered the next day. They love love love each other she is wonderful she follows Louie everywhere they sleep together, play together and eat together... She can not stand it if she is not with him. It has been hard to get her to pay any attention to me or my husband all she wants is Louie..... That is perfect that is why we wanted another one so Louie would have a friend and they are friends...... Thank you so much we love her..... We hope over time she gives us a chance... ; - )

We are so enjoying the puppies. The Red Heeler (we are calling him "Red") is a real charmer. He is so lovable and words cannot express my appreciation for such a wonderful companion. He is just what I needed and helps fill the void of our previous dog that we had for 13 years. I catch myself at times calling him Riley. Our other son who lives with us told me he wished he got a puppy too. My son's puppy (they call him "Willy") is more active and spunky and we will continue to get them together when we can. Also I want to tell you how much we appreciate your personal touch and keeping in contact with us through the entire process. I would highly recommned you to others.

Hi I bought a Red heeler from you last December and I just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE her! She is great! I have started her on goats and she is doing really well. We are also starting agility! She has tons of energy! Again I just wanted to say thank you for selling me such a great pup! Taylor Cobb

Linda, I apologize for not writing to you sooner, but right after receiving Thelma from you I became very ill and am just now getting back to where I can get on the computer. Molly, our new name for the latest addition to our family, is absolutely a blessing. We couldn't ask for a sweeter puppy. My daughter and granddaughter and myself, just absolutely love her. She is a bundle of energy and has added so much to our lives. I actually joke and say we should have named her "lightning", since she seems to run at full speed all the time.

I just had a friend visit for two weeks and he absolutely fell in love with Molly. I'm kind of thinking about getting an Aussie for him so thought I would ask if you had another female that might be similar in temperament to our Molly. And, of course, any special deals going on like we got with Molly? The first picture is Molly, my daughter and granddaughter shortly after Molly arrived. The second picture is Molly acting tough getting ready to pounce on my camera. Look forward to hearing back from you.

Regards, Bill Atkinson

Seaford, Delaware

Dear Mom, I made it to NY and they love me. I have two sisters who are old enough to be my grandmothers. They seem to like me too. There's toys everywhere and I have my own door and a deck.Talk to ya soon. Love Jolene

Thank you so much for the puppy.

Linda, We thought you would like to see pictures of the puppies that we got in March of this year. Teddy belongs to my husband and I and Tizzy (now Pixie) belongs to our daughter. They are from the same litter and their mother is Kandi. They will be one year old on December 19. Teddy is between 20 and 21" in height and at his last vet's appointment in September he weighed 48 pounds. Pixie weighed 16.2 pounds in September. My daughter doesn't live with us but she brings Pixie at least once a week to play. Teddy's best friend is an English Bulldog!!! He loves everyone and is great with our toddler grandson. Pixie isn't crazy about any other dog besides Teddy. They both are great pets. We thought you might find it interesting to see how they look now---no one believes us that they are litter mates!

John and Maurice McNabb

Linda, We got our puppy Jett (a.k.a. Oscar) from you on Valentine;s Day, 2008. He was the poor pup who went to Dallas instead of Raleigh. He'll be two next week and we thought you'd like to see how he turned out. Handsome laddie, and quite a character. Cheers Joel Peterson

Just wanted to let you know Christebella arrived fine and is doing really good. We are enjoying her and has made freinds with our other blue heeler.

Thank you Dana

We love our little guy! I've attached some recent photos for you! Thanks for getting back to me

Thought you might like to see Dory and Kya with Santa! They were so good. It only took about 2 minutes and only one picture taken!

We picked up Doc this morning and it went great. Thank you so much for everything. He is absolutely beautiful and we love him already. He is timid and nervous right now but I think he's beginning to warm up.

Thanks again! Gina Michels

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