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Tazzy is app. 6 and one half pounds now...she is over the mange...growing reddish hair back in place...She rings a bell (most of the time) to go outside to potty or play...she hates cold and wet...and is probably the most intelligent dog I have ever encountered...She has definitely found a home in Sarasota...we are enclosing the back patio so she has a place to play away from the hawks and eagles....and she will travel with us in May to the N. Georgia Mountains to spend a month at our place up there.

She grew so fast that one ear turned back the wrong way...the vet has a small brace on it to force it to grow forward....no big deal...here are a couple of pictures of the Taz from this week...we are very happy with Tazzy, she has friends who come over just to look and hold her...she is partial to women (probably because of you) but she tolerates us well...is loving, needy and independent all at the same time....a tall order for a puppy....but she carries it off very well.

Thanks for making all this possible.


Was wondering if you have received any pictures of Tazzy's brothers...The Taz weights 11 lbs...no fat, all muscle, she plays most all day and chases her tail... she owns the neighborhood for blocks around...she does everything except turn red...we had thought of breeding her, mostly because of the high degree of intelligence she shows...but will need wait to see what the color changes to. We realize that she is still very much in the process of change. As you can see from her smile..she is pretty happy in Sarasota.

The Taz turned One…
As surprised as the Grinch in another story…”it came without whistles, it came without bows…” Tazzy became one year old on Oct. 26…alone, no cake, no celebrating…not even an extra doggy cookie! We had thoughtlessly scheduled a trip to Mexico and left Tazzy in the care of someone who had no idea the importance of the date…I am sure Taz spent all day waiting to be surprised… Actually she is being a good sport about the whole thing, I find her looking strangely at each of us today, our first day home…its almost as those she is thinking “my masters are getting old, they have forgotten, and with their dementia, it probably will not do any good to remind them….”
In the last two weeks of her first year, the Taz became browner…a strong sixteen and a half pounds…she is more than the breed book dared print in its description of what a Australian Terrier is supposed to look, be and act like…. It has been good that there is two of us and only one of her this past year…Matildia Tasmania is quite a handful…but we love her without reservation, look forward to many, many trips to the Georgia Mountains (the next in Dec.) and think of you and your family often. We remember the three and a half pound puppy with the long neck, short tail and inexhaustible amount of energy who got off the plane last Dec. 24th, looked around as though to say “lets get on with it” she has never looked back and she won’t let us.
Happy Birthday Tazzy. Logan


Hi Linda, just wanted to let you know that Genna (has been renamed Marcie by the kids) is doing FANTASTIC! We love, love, love her! She is super smart and doing so great learning to crate train and potty outside. She has been a blessing to the family. Here are a few pictures taken the night we got her home, they arent that great, but feel free to use them however you like on your website, or whatever. She is a beautiful puppy and has a forever loving home.
She also checked healthy at the vet :)
Thanks again!

Hey linda,
Its matraca. Hoss is doing great. He is at his daddy's house until next week. He definately loves his dad they are pals and he loves riding in the big truck. He spends time playing with the schnuddle that andrews room mate has. Hoss doesnt like it when andrew kisses me its sooo funny. Im going to attempt to send some pics. and he gets to go to his first rodeo this weekend. Thanks soooo much you have made a family out of me andrew and hoss!

Hello, Linda!!!!
This is Elizabeth, Joshua Nett's fiance. Josh surprised me with the best gift ever this Christmas-A sweet little baby boy named Diego. I just wanted to send you some pictures of him and let you know how he is doing!! Diego didn't like living in the apartment very much, so until our lease expires in May, he is living with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents). We visit about 4-5 times a week, and my mother is sooo in love with him. He really is the sweetest little puppy ever. He thinks he is a monkey of sorts-we put up a baby gate when my parents are at work, and soon found out that he climbs over them! haha! Then, we stacked two on top of each other. It was very tall. Well, we were in the basement the other night, and Diego was in the livingroom with the baby gates up. I came upstairs, looked down the hallway, and saw him climbing over BOTH of the baby gates, with his huge Teddy bear in his mouth!!! :-) he is simply adorable. We've given up on the baby gates, and he does so well having full access to the house. He's fully potty trained, and every night he sleeps with my mother. His favorite spot is on the arm of the couch. He's still very tiny, though he doesn't think he is!! :-) Here are some pictures! Thank you so much for my baby, he's the best present I could have ever asked for.

Elizabeth Steffek (Diego's new mommy)

The pictures attached are some of the more recent pictures of diego, as well as one with my mother, Diego's grandma. :-) Hope all is well with you, and thanks again!

Hi, my girlfriend bought me a puppy from your farm and she said i had to email some pictures this is one of the smartest puppies i have ever had he is great and i am now in the process of house training him. Which is tough but he is a very quick learner. He is great with my younger siblings, and mom and dad.
These are the pictures i have, i renamed him to bandit because it sounded good and he looked like a little bandit. Thank you so much for everything, and my new little buddy! God bless, and i hope you have the best of luck with the rest of your puppies and many to come!

Jake Johnston

just wanted to give you and update on Orion and send you some pictures. He's doing wonderfully, we went to the vet this weekend and he was great with her. We're also starting puppy classes in a month to work on some obedience training, though he's already learned how to sit and come. Hope everything is going well with you!

Stuti Dave'

Money Honey

Reichel Farms first Valentine!!!

Here is the picture I promised of my husband with Grover in uniform. He has taken very well to our other dog to include trying to take over Elmo’s kennel even though he has his own.

Thanks Linda!!

Becky Sanker

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our sweet little Holly. She is the most loveable and joyful member of our family. We love her to pieces and she is very spoiled. I saw that you had a place for "satisfied customers" :) so I thought I would send this to you because we couldn't be happier. We hope to get another puppy from you in the future. She is the love of our lives.
Thank you so very much!
Peggy and Jack Gillespie and our kids (Joshua, Andy, Angel and Jenna)


Grizz is a happy puppy. He has adjusted to our house pretty well. We are still working on potty training, but I think that is just because he is so young. He is certainly very intelligent. He has decided that the old booster seat from my granddaughter is his seat in the kitchen. I am enclosing a picture. He has taken over the dogs in the back yard for the most part, but when the dark one gets tired of his biting he just rests a front paw on top of Grizz's head and holds him still. When my son in Iraq saw the pictures of his dogs and mine he said, Shadow could eat him in one bite. Not like that is going to happen.

Sue M.

Hello! We adopted a mini austrailian shepterrier 2 1/2 weeks ago from you... Her name was Mary Kay... We renamed her Bree.. She is a very loving playful addition to our household. Bree loves to play and sleep when she isn't. We are extremely happy to announce that she is potty trained!! She is our son's bestfriend and is very protective of him. In fact the 2nd night she was here she sat at his feet while he was eating dinner and growled at us if we got near him. She knows who her "real master" is! lol. I attatched some pictures of her for you... Thanks again for everything she is more than we could have hoped for!

~Rebecca and Chris Millette

Hi Linda,
Sorry I haven't emailed you sooner. We've had "Bella" (Niki) since last Oct. I just wanted to write and say we could not be more pleased. I have always been a "Lab" guy and researched all small dogs under 15lbs because Lori wanted a small indoor dog. We still have two labs, but the new "queen" of the house is Bella. I do not think we could have made a better choice in small dog breeds than the Aussie Terrier. She backs down to nothing, is very intelligent and learns commands quickly. She has no problem charging through snow up to her neck and really enjoys herself when she gets the chance to bounce through the deep stuff. We laugh at her every day. She makes a great watch dog, barking when someone or some animal is outside, but quiets down when told. I guess what I'm trying to say in so many words is, she's too much fun, too cute, too tough, too fast, too smart and a perfect companion for my wife.
Thanks a bunch
Ron and Lori Minard
Bozeman, MT


Here you go!! He's a cutie!!


Hi Linda!! Here are just a couple pictures of our Harley. We got him
July of last year and he is still doing great! Hyper little guy, but we
love him! He will be 1 year old this April.

I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know what a sweet little puppy my guy is! I named him BlackJack and call him Blackie and he knows his name very well, although he's truly an active pup and gets easily diverted by twigs and leaves, and loves my back yard. He seems very smart, and I think he already has the housetraining thing mostly figured out, although when I am home from the workday, I pay very close attention to him. He doesn't like to go out in the rain at all and I hope he'll make some adjustments there! He loves to chew, and loves the cow hoof! Playing tug of war with my clothes--well, we'll have to put a stop to that! He's had his second round of shots from the vet and the final round is scheduled for early April, and I'm taking him to the groomer to get a puppy cut the next day. My parents are anxious to meet him, so I plan to take him with me to NW Arkansas Easter weekend--my brother has already boxed up some of their older dog's squeaky toys for Blackie. That second round of shots knocked Blackie out for several hours--he was kinda puny, then came out of it rarin' to go! He loves his squeaky toys, loves chasing the cat Boy George (they seem to get along just fine, although I think the cat will be happier when Blackie is a little less playful), and is doing just great! We're settling into a nice routine and I'm real happy with my little guy! Nothing is better stress relief than coming home from work to a million mph wagging tail and puppy kisses!

Thank you!

Denise Weaver
Jefferson City


It seems like yesterday when we picked up Sawyer. We have good news, We now have our first litter of 6 from Sawyer and Lucy. I have attached some pictures of Sawyer now and his brood!
He is such a beautiful and good tempered dog, he was a joy from the day we picked him up from you and brought him to Louisiana. He has been on several road trips due to evacuations for hurricanes and a tornado that hit our home in June of 2008.
We want to thank you for such a blessing and all your help and guidance, we love him dearly and he is spoiled like my other dogs and puppies!
Patricia Roddy-Jones and Rodney Jones

Sophie arrived on time and curious. I cleaned her up and we spent the night at the Holiday Inn. I'm keeping her in her carrier over night and watching her during the day hoping to catch the urge to go outside. We've had pretty good luck so far. Her vet visit went well. She had another round of shots and they clipped her nails. I'm very happy with her. Thank you, take care. Gloria

Linda & John,

Thank you for our sweet puppy, Daisy (Abelina). She has been a true gem. All four of our girls keep her busy in our 1/2 acre of a backyard and so she sleeps well at night. Take care and many thanks...The Kummer Family

Hello Linda,
Just wanted to let you know the puppy made the trip just fine. She is just beautiful. We have decided to name her Copper. I have attached a photo of her with my granddaughter and my aussie Harley in the background. I will keep you posted on how she is doing. Thanks again Cheryl

We named him Teddy and he is doing great with house training only 1 accident today! He is spoiled rotten! He loves our neighbors rat terrier even though he can't keep up with her! Every one loves him and thinks he is beautiful!

We were gettin ready to go to bed and teddy (alfalfa) saw a mirror and had to check it out! So he goes up to it and starts barking and growling and pawin at it! It was sooo funny! Here are some recent pictures!

Hi Linda,

It has been already 19 days since we got Molly and I thought I should email
you some pictures of her. She is just the sweetest dog. We are very happy
with her, she is so smart. We are still working on the potty thing but we
will get there.

Thanks so much,

Lisa Shultz

Greetingsm from New Mexico. Broc is now 7 months and weighed 11 lbs last month when he was neutered.
Broc turned out to be the colors we wanted, he has a red face, his coat is red and sandy. He only has blue on the end of his tail.
Broc is a good dog, and house trained well. He appreciates obeying commands, but his favorite hobby is hunting in the backyard: lizzards, mouse, and birds. He has brought both birds back into the house. My wife did not like this so well. Ha.
Broc is the boss over the little female Yorkie. He really likes the Yorkie.
Hope all is well. Thanks
Broc is everything we wanted and we are very happy with him.

Hi Linda, He's settling in. Very well tempered, and always ready for some jumping around. "Bandit"or "Zip", not quite sure yet. Need to make the decision by 11:00, since he will be going to the Vet for a check up. Alexa and I went to meet him at the airport.
The ride home from the airport went from exhilarating , to recuperating . He has settled in nicely, and feels comfortable in his new home SRC="file001.jpg" SRC="aoladp://MA24237719-0003/file001.jpg">. Before I met him, I was sold on Zip (The name of the Heeler in the movie "Last of the Dogmen". But after meeting him, he's begging to be named Bandit, since every time he looks at you, his perfect black "mask" is quite evident, and should survive his coloring in. If you knew Spice, at 8 years old, Spice is young enough to keep up with him, and old enough that she may pass on her wisdom. They are getting along nicely; Spice lays down and lets him jump all over her, biting all the time, but she doesn't mind as long as he doesn't get carried away. If he does, she knows just how much to reprimand. So wish me luck, and hopefully not too many sleepless nights. It's 3:25 AM at this moment, and the puppy is back to sleep already, but as you can see, I'm not.

Joe J Capo

hi ,honey doing well 16.5 pounds now she has made this her home .i am sending you some, pictures you sure named her good every one says she a real honey. she loves my wives flowers and even helps her weed out the ones she doesn't like even if my wife likes um they fight all the time about what goes where my wife puts um in she takes um out whats funny is once my wife plaints the same flower some were else and honey looks it over, it stays there if honey likes it there.they make areal good pair i hoped for this cause when i got honey, my wife's best Friend and also her mother was real sick . we lost her this year but thanks to you all the paine hasn't been as bad. cause now money honeys her new best friend.talk to ya latter,KEEP MAKING THE LIFE SAVERS LIKE HONEY.

Hi Linda,

As promised, we have some pictures of Parker at the beach with us over the July 4th holiday.

The weather was stunningly beautiful, in the mid to high 80's with a nice breeze from the ocean. Parker *loved* the sand and his new momma (my daughter) was very doting on him. He hung out under the umbrella for most days. We found out he likes to bury his treats in the sand - every 3rd or 4th, he would put the treat down under a beach chair and push the sand up over it with his nose. In about 15 - 20 minutes, he'd go back and find it, clean it off and eat. Of course, his ability to clean it was not that great, so he'd eat it *peppered with sand* (yuck!). But he loved having the sand all over him - he'd roll and roll in the sand, which would guarantee a bath later in the afternoon, when it would get hot - he likes those too, baths I mean. My daughter would take him into the outside shower with her and wash and rinse him - he loved it!

Parker is a great little guy; funny, obedient and curious. He is very polite with new people and animals and loves his cousin "Goose" (lab/bloodhound mix). With Goose, his puppyside would really come out and he would be just like the little dog with Spike on the Bugs Bunny cartoons - jumping and playing and rolling around with him. We could tell that Goose's patience was tried (Goose is 9 years old) but Goose taught him how to climb stairs, sandbags and how to find the best places to relieve himself.

We Parker very smart, playful and very, very attached to his new momma already. He sleeps great when he has his momma's old pj bottoms in his crate with him and is ready to go every morning. While at the beach, we had a travel kennel (pop-up, zippered, nylon crate) that he figured out how to unzipper (from the inside) so that he could sleep under his momma's bed....that was a surprise for all of us!

Parker enjoyed the water and he even boogie boarded (small Styrofoam surfboard) for a little bit. He would ride it in with my daughter at his side; he was a little nervous at first, but my daughter would be right there with him at the end, so he would want to go again!

He is even mostly potty trained, though it will be interesting to see how well he behaves back at home and not at the beach. Our next challenge is getting he and the cats acclimated to each other, but so far, so good!

Thanks again, Linda. Parker is everything we expected. He is such a good boy and has stolen our hearts.

Joe Valorose
Midlothian, Va

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