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she is doing soooooo goood linda. my girlfriend has been acting like she gave gave birth to her. she makes it up a flight of steps and i beam like a proud father. haha.
even though everything in new york is so new to her, its obvious how smart she is, and she really is getting the hang of housetraining even at her age. when i take her out i can't make it a few steps without half a million people asking me "is that a teacup? is that a teacup? is that a teacup?" then when we tell them no we're forced to explain the whole thing. but yeah she's really good with people and more or less silent unless you're running around with her. honestly its very close to having a baby child. as much as i love how cute she is now i can't wait to see her grow up. i promise i'll get you pictures. my girlfriends little sister took a few on her laptop. i'll see if i can't send them to you next time i see her. by the way, after much deliberation we named her "boo." hope thats okay. whenever anyone asks i rattle off about reichel farms til im blue in the face. i will recommend anyone and everyone to you. her information envelope was really appreciated as well as tjhe thank you picture card. you are very professional. thank you so much. you have brought joy to all five boroughs of nyc. enough said.


Dear Linda,

Puppy has arrived safe and sound. He is perfect. I've decided to name him Loki after the Viking god of mischief.
Check out he attached pictures. Loki and me, Loki with my roommate and her dog. Thanks for everything.


Dear Linda,

I came back from work and I found that the puppy 'Hansel' was safe and already out on a trip with the resty of my family. They have all gone out to see the Boston Harbour. Thanks again,I can't wait for them to be back home.By the way what food does he usually eat?

Jeby Abraham.

Hi Linda.

Well, she is here and she is so precious! My 16 year old daughter, Tara and I picked her up right on schedule. She was a little traumatized at first, maybe even feeling a little sick, poor thing. But she rode in the backseat on Tara's lap. She met our one-year-old Border Collie and perked up right away. They have been playing, but we are supervising them closely as Cookie tends to play a little rough w/ her...not mean, just rough. But she is definitely holding her own. She also met my husband and our 13-year-old son. They too are in love with her already! I haven't even looked through the paperwork yet. Oh, and FYI, we have changed her name to "Candy" since we already have a "Cookie" :) She is sound asleep on Tara on the couch....she's exhausted! I'll keep you posted and thanks so much for everything.


Hi Linda,
Snap arrived right on time, he is just what we wanted, he wasn't shaken up to bad by the plane ride. He was playing with a little ball this morning and learning his way around. He is very playful today. We are having fun! I think we will keep his name, my husband has been calling him Snapster..... Thank you for the food. I will let you know how it is going. Thank you.......Tammy

Hi Linda,
Hope all is well with you. We are all doing great. Foster (Pop) is a real firecracker like you said, he is so cute and adorable. He has such a great personality. Talking to him is like he is really understanding what you are saying he looks at you tilts his head in different directions and gives you many expressions, it is the cutest thing you have ever seen, he has so much character. Everyday it is like he surprises us with his new actions. He wagged his tail for the first time today, it was so cute. I was worried at first he wasn't happy. He is doing very well, a little slow on the potty training but I can tell it will happen soon, he is still very young. He is fitting in very well, everyone at the marina just loves him. I have a few feats to tackle with him, but I am sure in time we will get them. He is very smart with a stubborn streak in him. Thank you for everything. He is my little ray of light and I could never thank you enough.

Thank You

Hi Linda. Here are a few pics from the first day (with sister, Tara and on brother, Trevor.) Boy is she a rascal...and a LOVE! I took her to our vet yesterday and all is well. The only thing is that she has to have a Rabies booster in a couple weeks when she gets her last series of shots. Apparently in the state of Calif. it is not valid unless it was done after the age of 4 mos. It certainly won't hurt her though to have another one. Our vet loved her and gave her a clean bill of health. We will start training classes after her last shots, but for now, she is happy and feeling right at home! Thank you again for everything. You definitely made the whole transaction very easy. Please feel free to use me as a future reference. Have a great day!



Rain is fitting in nicely around here.

Here's a pic of Rain with our other 6 month old mini aussie; Kira


These 2 puppies are wonderful, they have so much fun running around on the farm. They both get spoiled like crazy. The Blue Heeler, Bella is 5 mths old, and the red Miniture Aussie, Jasper is almost 7 mths old. We thank you for giving us these little cuties.

Here's a picture of Saphira sorry it took so long I could find the right cord to plug into the computer. She's doing very well and loves her home. And her other dogs and even the cats. She however does get car sick very easily. Do have any tricks to help this. I have never had a dog that got car sick.

RE: To help with the car sickness keep her away from food and water for a few hours before going on a ride.

hi. here are the pictures of blue. i just took them 10 minutes ago. wow does he look like his dad. hope you like them. he is a great young pup. thank you again

To whom it may concern:
Hi, my name is Hannah Droll and my husband's name is Ben. We currently have a puppy from a litter of yours, born October 5th, 2007. We named him Texas and we love him SO dearly. We would like to get him a sister from you guys and are particularly interested in Kimmie. We are wondering if she is still available and would possibly like to put a hold on her. Below are some pictures of Texas from December. Please let us know if this is doable as soon as possible. We are expecting to know for sure tomorrow if this will be possible for us or not. Thank you for your time.

Thank you & Blessings!
Hannah Droll

Just wanted to give you an Update on Bella and send you a few pics of her.
She has been so much fun! She just adores my daughter Adrianna who is now going on 4yrs. in August. She is super smart and learns quick, she sometimes amazes me. :)
She is so smart that I was doing laundry the other day and dropped a towel in the living room on the floor, I turned around and there was Bella with it in her mouth! I almost raised my voice at her, and then I realized she was bringing it to me! LOL!
I put a rope with bells on it at the back door and when she has to go potty she runs and hits them with her paws! It only took about a week to teach her that! amazing!
The first picture was when she was a few months old watching a movie on the couch with my daughter and the second is her posing for the picture, she really has a great personality!
I was going to ask one thing though, How can I get her to stop nipping at peoples feet? I know this is a characteristic of the breeds but is there anything that I can do? My daughter and any other children that come to my house know not to run because it excites her and gets that instinct going.
Other than that she is a JOY! we love her and we thank you soooo....much for the chance to give her a home.
The Monear Family!
Morrice, MI

Teddy is really smart. He HATES the hot weather, but he LOVES the water, he will just dive in
a bucket of water. He knows how to roll-over, sit up, he walks pretty good on a leash, and he
fetches. Did you have a chance to get a picture of Teddy's Mom. He looks just like his dad
did on the picture (Kit Carson), do you remember how old Kit Carson was on that photo?
What is really weird is that Teddy is scared of other dogs barking, I don't get that at all. He does
not like firecrackers or guns, but he is not scared of thunder???? He did really good at the park
he just laid down and rolled over so the kids could rub his belly. We feed him twice a day and
he eats it like he is starving to death. The cats don't like him yet, but we are working on it. Going
to take him to the vet next week for his distember shot. Attaching a picture of Teddy.
thanks, Sharon & Mike


Just wanted to let you know that Trent (now called Wylie . . . . kinda like Wylie Coyote) has arrived safe and sound. His flight from Houston was delayed 2 hours and then the lady at customs was a real pain. I got off easy though - there was this other guy that was getting 2 chihuahs in and he hadn't even cleared customs when I left. So funny - he was this huge gruff man getting in a dog that weiged 2.1pounds at 3 years of age.

He is a very good boy - he loves to snuggle and sleep for about half an hour and then play. I had bought him a little hippo toy which he beats the snot out of regularly. Right now he is sleeping on my lap. I absolutely adore him - as does everyone else in my family. My australian shepard and my mom's old house dog are sooooo jealous (they won't even acknoweldge his existence), however, my brother has a big greyhound/border collie cross dog named Jake (weird cross I know - long story) anyways, Jake loves Wylie and is so good with him. They are hilarious to watch together because Wylie is about the size of Jake's head and Jake is so gentle with him.

Thank-you for the package with all the information and such. I really appreciate all of your time and your help and I LOVE the new little guy.


We renamed Austen- Blaze and we got him on Sunday- no problems. He's doing well- I have 3 little boys and he never leaves their sight. He even sleeps with them. He is definately the calmest Aussie I've ever been around- which I appreciate. Thanks again for everything! Stacey

Thanks for info. She had her well puppy visit today. She's checked out great and the vet was very pleased with everything and medical history and prior treatments. The vet we use has been in business for many, many years and she is their first Australian Terrier. They look forward to caring for her. They did scan her today and saw the chip.
My daughter is very much enjoying her puppy and she is a fun addition to our family. The puppy is sooooo spoiled already. She is about 75% potty trained. She appears to be very bright and intelligent.
Thanks for your part in breeding an awesome breed.

Here are some pictures of the little min. australian shepterrier female puppy that we got from you she is doing really well we are working wiht her on potty training. We named her Haylea Marie Smith. She has adjusted and is having fun if we dont give her attention she'll go do sumthing to get our attention on her well thanks for the puppy we are really in love with her and just having the time of our lives having a new puppy.thanks trav and elaine

Hi, Linda!!! Just a quick update – I can’t believe we have only had Harley (Stormy) for almost two weeks. It seems longer than that. Well, everything is perfect!! Here is a picture of him and my 4 year old. Poor Harley is worn out, but Elijah wants to keep on playing! Harley seems to really enjoy us, which is perfect. And he’s not spoiled rotten or anything. J We are having tons, tons, tons of fun with him --- thank you so much!




Hi Linda
Here is some new pic's of Alvin, he is doing great now.

Hi Linda and family,
Just wanted to send you a picture of us celebrating Ruckus' (aka Duncan) 1st birthday tonight! We couldnt imagine our home without him!
Hope you are doing well!
Bill & Jodi Supernault & family

Hello here is an updated pic of Sadie born Feb 1st 08...she is a really good dog she is lying at my feet right now...such a mild temperment...she wouldnt harm a fly lol...Thx Again!

.:Cheryl Day:.

We love our 2 pups we got from you. They love to run around on the farm and chase each other. Jasper, the red aussie is 7 mths and 3 weeks old. Bella, the blue heeler is 6 mths old.
We might even train them to be working dogs but we aren't sure yet. They are wonderful dogs and we thank you for these 2 cuties.

Hi Linda,

Just like to say thank you so much for Kahlua(Vixxen before), he is a blast. We don't know what we'd do without him. Everyone who comes across him finds him to be the most adorable little puppy. Some mix him up for other dogs, but aside from that really think he is so cute and unique, putting a smile to their face!! Here are a couple picture of him, at only 4 months shy of age.

For the expected litters, we would def be interested in a blue merle female if there comes to be one, so if anything if you can let me know, I will be checkin either way here and there from now on, or if you have a blue merle female from the litters from last week we'd like pictures. We wont be planning on gettin one till january though, but really thank you for Kahlua, we love him so much and would like him to have a playmate, for he gets lonely sometimes.


Dory seems to have settled in really well except she wasn't too crazy about sleeping alone in the kitchen last night. This morning she isn't having any trouble sleeping there! Kristin was thrilled that Dory seemed to like her best yesterday!

Here are some pictures! The last one was taken a few minutes ago.

Just wanted to real quick send the newest picture of Koda Riley. He of course turned a year November 10 and naturally we spoiled him rotten (no different from any other day) Look how very handsome he is! He is now 48 pounds (neutered of course) and "we love him" doesn't begin to cover it. He's the best.

Thanks again so much for such a wonderful addition to our home!!


Hi Linda,
Happy Holidays from Montana! Here is a picture of Cheyenne (formerly "Mi Mi" - Maisy/Beau litter (10/5/07). I can't believe she is already 1 year old. How this last year has flown by so fast. Cheyenne is so hilarious and fun to watch. Terriers certainly have a one of a kind personality I've found out. We sure do enjoy her though.
Getting ready for the cold weekend temps - will be dipping down to 28 degrees below 0, -40 with the wind chill. I love the snow but could definitely go without the cold.
Hope all is well in Missouri. Have a Great Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dana McMahon

Thank you for the adorable Christmas card and for sending Maddie's registration paper. Maddie Mae is just as sweet as you said. She catches everyone's eye everywhere we go; she gets petted alot by strangers. Of course, they are not strangers to her for long.

She travels well. It seems like the hum of the SUV lulls her to sleep. We traveled to visit relatives recently (100 miles). While we were there, Maddie romped with a very gentle black lab and was introduced to another four house cats! The boys are loving having a dog of their own. James is thankful that you sent along the extra book for him. He loves running with her in the yard and walking with her up to the grocery store. She is also the apple of my husband's eye.

Introducing her to our own four cats went much better than I expected. We didn't have to deal with establishing a new "pecking order" like we had to do when a new cat was introduced before. They just stared wide-eyed at Maddie and wondered what the non-meowing bouncing and bounding barking ball of fur was all about. She's been playing "tag" with the most playful of our cats.

We're getting ready to pick up some McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and take her to a short wooded trail near our home. It is in the 40's this morning. For Orlando, that's a brisk morning and we are going to take advantage of it! It's warming up to the mid 60's by the afternoon. The sunshine is still warm, however.

James is wanting to take Maddie Mae to Petco next weekend to get some Christmas photos. We're gonig to have to work real hard not to spoil her. :)

She began sleeping through the night on her third day with us. Every once in a while she soils in her crate during the night, but it appears that she is trying to "hold it." She knows her name; however, we are thinking that she may know her middle name as NO, since she often hears "Maddie, NO!"

I'll keep in touch and send you some photos of her soon. She's sooooo adorable. . . full of snuggles and licks.

May you and your family (furry and non-furry) have a healthy and blessed Christmas together. Thank you for helping to provide our special family furry Christmas present to us.

God bless,

The Herzig's
David, Wendy, James, and Jon


We finally got some good picture of Royal, the heeler that we got from you in Sept. He has quite the personality and is taking to the cows quite well. We enjoy him very much, but the cats don’t seem to care for him yet. Thanks again for letting us get Royal and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hope & Mike Mammele

She is doing great! She bites everything and everyone, but we are all having a great time with her. I appreciate everything you did for us and for battling the airline right along with me. She came right out of her crate and did not seemed phased in the least little bit by the change of scenery or the strange screeching little people in front of her. She jumped right up on them and licked their faces and has not left our side since then. She is a great pup and I look forward to the many years of pleasure she will bring my girls and myself.



Dear Linda,
I hope you'll enjoy these pictures as much as we did.
Happy Holidays!

Hello Linda,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did here. The puppy has brought so much joy into our lives. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. We have named her Ruthie. She will be registered as Shannon's Fast Luck Ruth. Ruth means companion and friend in Hebrew. I couldn't think of a better name. She is my shadow in every way. I know she and I will grow to be great friends. The first trip to the local PetSmart brought so much attention! One mother with a beautiful, tiny 5-year-old down syndrome girl sought us out so she could pet Ruthie. I was so proud as my daughter held Ruthie and the girl petted her calmly and gleefully. Ruthie was a champ and acted like the child was the best thing since sliced bread. Therapy dog? Who knows. The sky is the limit. We have made super progress on potty training. She even nearly sleeps through the night in her little bed beside ours. She has learned sit and has learned her name. She is learning come, no, lie down, and a few other commands for getting toys and returning them. She is so smart, but from what I've read, that is no surprise in the puppies you raise. Boy, is she a rascal though. She has so much personality. She's stubborn and precious. :) She fits in very well with the rest of our family. ;) The two cats and the pet rabbit are starting to warm up to her. My daughter is so happy, and learning some very good lessons about responsibility. I want to thank you for our little bundle of joy. It is something I have wanted for over 20 years now. A dream come true. Here are some pictures of for you. I will be keeping you posted on how Ruthie is doing. She's a star!


azzy has made great strides toward becoming a Florida citizen...no problems so far, she likes her crate, she sleeps most all night...she eats & drinks and sleeps and tries to bite...which is normal for a teeth cutting puppy...She has toys, she likes to play with us. so we are her best toys..The vet (on the 26th) said that she was fine...she is due back for shots in two weeks...she has had a parade of friends comming by for a peek...a photographer spent an hour with her (he may have gotten two good shots, out of a hundred)Just wanted you to know that all is well in Sarasota...we will give her 4 months to grow before we take her to the Georgia Mountains for a couple of weeks...we probably will have her nutered whenever the vet advises...That is it for news. Hope all is well with you and the cold bad weather...

Tazzy is very smart...she has learned to ring a bell when she wants to go outside...which seems incrediable at her age...she is eating well...pooping as all puppies do...and sleeps most of the night in her cage...we are very happy with her.

Tazzy works the lease as tho she was born on one....she is alredy digging holes and chasing lizards....what a dog!!


Hi...just wanted to let you know that she arrived safely. She was a little scared/shy, but she's already warmed up to me. I know in a few days, she'll be comfortable in her new home! We really like her...she's even more adorable than in the pictures if that's possible ;)


Hi Linda, I wanted to let you know that Tito, who we have renamed Copper is doing great. He is absolutely adorable and Im pretty sure my mother and brother are going to be calling you in the near feature. Everyone we’ve shown him to wants one. He is already doing pretty well with the house training as far as going on the wet pads about %80 of the time. He’s getting lots and lots of attention probably to much I think he is already spoiled. I will try to send you some pictures when I get a chance. Thanks for everything,

Matt Kristi Cody Eli and Copper

Well, I've had Cooper (Blue when we got him from you) for almost a year! I can't believe it's been that long. Time has really flown by. I just wanted to send you an updated picture of him and let you know that he is doing great! He's been an absolute joy and keeps me laughing every day! As you can tell from the picture, he is quite the goofball.

Thanks again,
Britney Lavoie and Cooper

Hi Linda,

Thought I’d send you a updated picture of Doc Valentino, who’s almost a year and a half now. He truly is an outdoors man if you can’t tell by his picture.

Thanks Again!!
Lindsey & Doc

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