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Thank you very much for sending me such an exuberant and intelligent
dog. Meeko has been following me around everywhere since I picked him
up from the airport on thursday and has been very very good about going
outside to use the bathroom. I plan on going to obedience classes with
him when he gets a little older and I am looking forward to having a
best friend for many year.
Once again thank you very much and Happy Holidays

Thank you SO much! Happy New Year! We truly love Lena and she has brought so much joy to this Christmas season. She plays and skips and loves her toys, and entertains us by the hour with her antics. We are working on training her, and she is doing pretty well. She is a riot with our cat. He is 8 yrs. old and pretty set in his ways, but you would not believe how patient he is with Lena. Much more so than he was with our Yorkshire, Sam (but of course Sam was a male also). She races around him, jumps on his back, barks trying to get him to play, and really puts on a show. Then she will curl up with him on the couch to take a nap. They seem to be a match made in heaven, and that goes for our feelings about Lena, too. We are so grateful for this wonderful addition to our family. Gordon & Rose

He's doing very well, runs the bull off when we have to work in the pen (the bull wants to play), sleeps at night (with the 6-year-old), stays out of the trash (when we are in the room at least), and chases the cat up every tree. Poor kitty. He minds pretty well, still thinks about it first but is getting quicker to obey. It's been a challenge to leave him outside when we leave, he follows unless he has a good (read food) reason to stay. I think that's a herd thing too -- or a mommy don't leave me thing.

Hi Linda
Just wanted to let you know that Ariel arrived, right on time this evening. She was fine once she got out of the carrier. She is scampering around the house getting used to everything. She is so cute! Thank you for getting her here to us!

Hello! Just thought I'd send in another pick of the heeler I got from you all. He's doing wonderful. Over 40 lbs now! It's just about time to get him fixed I believe. He just passed the 6 month mark.

Hi Linda,
We just wanted you guys to see that Duncan, aka Ruckus, is adjusting well already. Came home from the airport and gave him a bath...he was nasty! Then he pigged out and now he's taking a nap! Our Akita is pretending not to be interested right now. I think they will be fine, it'll just take awhile. Thanks again for our new addition....he is gorgeous and has a great personality. We love him already!! We'll keep you posted.....hope the other eight all made it safe and sound.

Linda, just thought I would send you a picture od Ruckus & his new big sister Mya. Thanks so much for our new best buddy!
The Supernaults

Hello Linda, just wanted to let you now that Marcus finally arrived safely, after what had to have been a very long day. As promised I'll get the last payment to you this weekend at Wal-Mart. Thanks again,
P.S. Here's Marcus and Marisa, and him tearing up one of her shoes, lol!!

Hey Linda,

Everything went very well. He was a little out of it
Friday, but I expected that. By Saturday morning he
was fine, except for a minor case of the runs, which I
also expected. He was amazingly well behaved for the
car ride back to Arizona.

Got the puppy, who name is now Jack, home today and
much to my surprise he and my border collie hit it off
almost immediately. Within 5 minutes they were romping
all over the house and each other.

Thanks so much for everything, he's a beautiful, sweet


Hi Linda,

This is Cheryl from Kansas who adopted Heidi (Reese) in November. I
just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. We did name her
Reese because she looks like a Reese peanut butter cup. She is so
cute. She is also very active and smart... to say the least. She
loves playing with her cats. I am sending you a picture of her.
Thanks again. We just love her.

Hi this is Vicki Iler I bought Peyton. Just wanted to let you how great she is doing; potty trained already and I only have to crate her at night with no problems at all. What a great friend you let us have. She has doubled in size and eats great the vet loves her. She loves to ride in the car and sometimes my boss lets me take her to work. she is spoiled she will cry because we quit playing with her. I love her to pieces. I would love to send you pics but do not know the correct email address or you could give me address for I can mail you some. Thank you for such a great blessing I have more was having trouble downloading Her ear hangs over her head someone said when they are teething they can do that is that true? or should I have it taped? She is a wonderful puppy and loves the snow. How big do you think whe will be she is very small right now still. Thanks
We are considering maybe getting another.


Went to Williamsburg,Virginia

Hello Linda,

I hope your holidays were good. Bill and I wanted to say Thank You again for Jake. He is a handful and a joy. He has been to the vet twice for boosters and weighs in at whopping 13 pounds. Jake is constantly on the go and biting on everything that does not move. The house looks like a two year old toddler lives here, for all the chew toys and raw hides on the floor. Jake does not care for the crate too much but tolerates it while we are at work. The crate brings out the “Howler” in him at night time, so we resorted to a laundry basket upside down for about three weeks. We never understood why the laundry basket was fine and the crate wasn’t but I am not one to analyze that. Jake did not know that if he stood up that he could walk around under the laundry basket. Jake is not one that wants to be held anymore (unless it is his idea) and has discovered how to jump on furniture (and a coffee table or two (he lost his mind on the table thing)). He enjoys his food and is a water hound. I swear you can see him swell like at tick as he eats and drinks.

Indy are four year old heeler has welcomed Jake with open paws, now. Of course in the beginning, it was “What were you thinking in bringing home this thing with teeth!” Now they are attached at the hip. If Jake is not doing the same thing as Indy, then Indy is watching out for Jake (perhaps to protect or see if he is getting to something he shouldn’t). As I am writing, Jake is grabbing his tail and going in circles.

I have attached a new picture of him. His body is silver and red. He has turned more silver over the weeks and there is a darker red spot on his neck His ears are very dark red but the tips of the ears are highlighted in silver and black.

I will send more updated pictures as he grows.

Thanks for everything,

Bill and Karalyn Gray

Heeler that rides tug in Nantucket

Hi linda sorry i havent wrote in a while but your little boy blade is doing great.I couldnt of asked for a better friend, he is ther best, he still goes for boat rides with me ta nantucket and he loves it. Now that he is older it's like he knows wher he is going,every time we pull into the harbor in nantucket he starts ta get all excited because he knows as soon as we get to the dock he gets ta go for his nightly walk on the island and he loves it, me and dana couldnt be any happier with him he is the best . thanks again for everything, i am hopeing in about another year or two to get him a play mate when he gets a little older, so he can teach the new addition some good habits, now that he is trained very well, again thanks for everything and hope u like the recent pic. Thanks ROB,and DANA!

Cooper (Blue) is doing great! He is scheduled to have is next shots of February 21. He's been running around like crazy and has learned sit, shake, high five, speak, is getting better on a leash, and is about 70% house broken. He sits by the door when he has to go potty (usually) but we're still having a few accidents. He is completely crate trained. We plan on starting a training class in the next few weeks. The week after next he'll start play group and day care while we're at work. He's been a great addition to our family even though he is a handful! Here is a link where you can view his pictures (http://s256.photobucket.com/albums/hh187/britneylee87/Cooper/). If you have problems with the link for some reason, just let me know and I'll attach some photos instead. Thanks for everything!

Britney, David, and Cooper

Hi linda sorry i havent wrote in a while but your little boy blade is doing great.I couldnt of asked for a better friend, he is ther best, he still goes for boat rides with me ta nantucket and he loves it. Now that he is older it's like he knows wher he is going,every time we pull into the harbor in nantucket he starts ta get all excited because he knows as soon as we get to the dock he gets ta go for his nightly walk on the island and he loves it, me and dana couldnt be any happier with him he is the best . thanks again for everything, i am hopeing in about another year or two to get him a play mate when he gets a little older, so he can teach the new addition some good habits, now that he is trained very well, again thanks for everything and hope u like the recent pic. Thanks ROB,and DANA!

Here are some Pictures of Duffy (our new puppy)

Hi this is Natalie Norwood from California with an update on Blue, AKA Bandit. He will be 2 years old this October and is doing great. He is unbelievably smart. He is suprisingly 66 lbs now and I think this is as big as he will get. Thanks for a wonderful dog.

Natalie Norwood

Hey Linda,
Wanted to give you an update on Koda (and Me). I've now had 2 surgeries, the first one the sentinel node biopsy, which was clear by the way, that was on the 4th and last Tuesday (the 11th) I had the right side mastectomy and they started the reconstruction. I was in the Hospital until late on the 13th. They wanted to keep me longer but I convinced them (rightly so) that I would do better at home. It's a struggle but I'm getting a little stronger each day. The great news is the pathology report came back Friday from it, and it showed that the margins were and are clear because the only thing in there was what was originally biopsied, the DCIS, which means no invasion anywhere else, no chemo, no radiation. Just recovery and the last part of re constructive surgery in a couple months.
As for Mr. Koda Reilly. What can I say. He is AWESOME. He was neutered on Tuesday (I figured it was only fair?!) He also was micro chipped, all his vaccines are now done including Rabies. He had to have a lump removed on his neck also. It was a histiocytoma which is a benign lump that pups can form from nearly anything. Usually they will resolve on their own, however it was right under his collar and bothering him so I opted to have it removed when they neutered him. He has a TINY bit of a problem with Demodex (mange, the congenital kind) that we think came about from the stressers in his life....He's been through a lot and he imprinted so quickly and closely to me that the Docs feel March 4th when he intuitively knew something was wrong with me (he wouldn't leave my side except to go potty and eat) he just started to overproduce the demodex a bit. He's got a small tiny spot of hair loss under his right eye and a bit over his left eye. We caught it early and therefore he's already being treated (5 days now) with IVOMEC. So we shouldn't have anymore hair loss and he'll be done with treatment in less than a week.
He is now officially 20 pounds long and lean. His repertoire of tricks are: Sit, stay, (for 20 seconds) , come, Leave it, drop it, give me five, give me the "other" five (his other paw) then I clap my hands and say give me 10 which he promptly does, sit up pretty and nice (just up a little on his hocks) up HIGH which is to stand on his back legs, jump up high (for his rope toy), say please (speak on command). He walks like a gentleman on the leash when a leash is necessary (not often as he won't leave my side!) He also lays down on command and is now learning to 'crawl' from that command.
Smart? No that doesn't begin to describe it. Gorgeous? Absolutely. His right ear came up quite quickly, but his left wouldn't then nearly overnight last weekend it came nearly all the way up with a tip at the end. As of this writing it's 99.99% up. We were almost hoping the left one stayed down, as it fit his personality! LOL. I can't begin to thank you enough for the joy he has brought me. It reinforced the decision that we are definitely an ACD family! He is the 2nd and although not in comparison to my first ACD (Chase) he is eerily similar in some ways (like begging for ice cubes from DAY ONE when he heard the ice maker going off the refrigerator).. but he's his own dog in many other ways.
I've included a couple recent pics for you, so you can see how gorgeous and BIG he has gotten. I hope by this writing that Gary is somewhat close to being back to himself? How are you doing? Any more pups (*grins*) when will you have another litter with the same female and sire? They make gorgeous animals, smart and wonderful and I'd have to seriously considering adding another since I'm sure it'll be a ways off. Anyway, I've written enough for now, time for me to go back to resting. I'll keep in touch and keep you updated with Koda's progress :)
Thanks so much again.
Deepest Regards,

Hi Linda,

It's been a couple of months now since I purchased two
Aussie's from you, one for me and one for my mother.
Just wanted to send a picture of Zeke now known as
"Doc Valentino", the name fits him perfectly. He's
doing great such a sense of humor, just attached a
picture of Doc.

Thanks again,

hey linda,
Just wanted to say hi! thanks for Carter he is such a great dog. He surprises us every day with his intelligence. We have been hiking, going to the beach, and the dog park with him. He loves the beach and the ocean. We'll let you know when we are ready for another one!! We have already been talking about getting a girl! Talk to you soon. Thanks again.
Nicole and Wes


I wanted to send an updated picture of Wylie(was Riley). We are at the doggy park. I wanted to be in the picture too but no one was out there. Hope everything is going good. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi linda,Blade turns eight mounth's tommrow he is such i joy in my life,u have no idea how thankfull i am, for dana finding you online.You wer such a joy to deal with and like i told you before i will always keep in touch and let you no how he's doing, he's still riding the tugboat with me and he still loves it,when i take sum more pic's of him on the boat i will send them to you.I love the pic's on your web site of me and him thank you so much for bringing that little guy into my life, hear are a couple of recent pic's of him. again thank you and i will talk to ya soon Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Linda!

I hope everything is well with you, the rain WILL stop sometime. Right? RIGHT? I sure hope so.

I wanted to send you these pictures of Cozmo (Molly & Tony's 8/1/07 litter). He was 8 months old yesterday, and is doing very well. He learns well, although there are several commands he tries NOT to follow (usually anything involving NOT moving), but every day gets a little better. He has stopped tackling our 6-year-old when she runs, just runs after her but doesn't nip at her. He still keeps my house clean (in other words, I cannot leave ANYTHING on the floor that I do not want him to eat/chew. The Barbie death count stands at 7 . ..) He understands, finally, that the cat was here first and that he WILL respect her, at least the claws.

We are all enjoying him, he IS a challenge but we wouldn't have him any other way.

Thanks again

Ron, Jennifer, Sabrina, Shannon, Sarah & Cozmo Jones

Dear Linda,
Thought you might like to see Daisy now that she is 1 year old(3/27/08)! She brings such joy
to me everyday. There is never a dull moment with her around. She has soooo much personality, spirit and
attitude. She goes to Pete & Macs one day a week for daycare and plays with all of her friends and just
loves it. She loves all dogs and all people, a social butterfly. The girls at daycare call her "Wild Child"!!
I am so thankful that I found you and got this gift from God.
Christina Dennis

hi, i thought i would give you an update on blue {rambo jr.} he is doing great, he has a great personallity that everyone loves. he is very big for his age at 35lbs on his 5 month birthday, he lost all his baby teeth about 4 weeks ago and all his permenant teeth are in and growing like crazy. also i have never seen a puppy that when he is sleepy he just goes upstairs and lays down on his own [ from the first week i had him] i love him very much and he is also very smart. I will get some pictures from my camera and send them to you as soon as i get a chance.
derek williams

Just an update for you. Max a.k.a. Tiny Tim has fit right into our family like a shoe and sock. He is napping on my lap as I write this. He got to spend the weekend socializing with several of our extended family members both human and those with four legs.
He does not eat much. I tried to find the Moist-N-Meaty at Wal-Mart in Festus but was not successful. What company makes it? Perhaps I was looking for the wrong thing. He seems to like the IAMS Smart Puppy better than the Eukanuba Puppy that was in the envelope.
So far, a ball and a soft chew toy along with the rag braid keep him busy for play.
The other question I wanted to asked was do you recommend certain type of brush to use on his hair?

Have a great week.
Pam and Max


Thank you sooo much for raising such a good little puppy! We love her already! she is excellent with our 11 month old toddler, she follows me every where and she listens very well....Today we are taking her to petco to pick out a new collar and some toys! yay!

Thank you again!

Cheryl & Jimmy Day


We thought you might enjoy some pictures of cosmo the Australian terrier we purchased last November. He is doing great the lodge were he goes to daycare twice a week say that he is the sweetest terrier they have every meet the girls just love and fuss over him.

Alan and I have enjoyed his company he is a great puppy. Our best friends have a male westie and they just love playing together.

Thanks again,

Alan and Melissa Geiss
Kansas City Missouri

Tex made it to Helena ok and is doing well.

He is a WONDERFUL addition to our family and we love him very much.

I worked a college rodeo this weekend and took him with me. I received so
many compliments on him and my mom was the most popular person in the stands
when holding him.

He has figured out how to jump on his crate and proceed on the bed and he
loves to cuddle. Thank you so much.

I am sure that we will be in contact in the future when looking for another
dog. Take care, hope to hear from you soon. Oh and we decided to call him

Erin LaFromboise

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