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Dear Linda,

Here is a photo of Copper in Miami. Her name is Yana.
She is a very beautiful girl. I made for her chicken with the oat meal and she liked it. She feels fine and active.
Thank you very much for the food and toy.
Best regards,

Regards and thanks from Alfred.Elena

Hi, I've been meaning to e-mail you. We absolutely love Roo but it looks like she's deaf. She's learning sign language and has more energy than any other puppy at the park.


Hey, just thought you'd like to see a picture of the little cutie you sold us last year. She's over a year old now and starting to behave a little less like a puppy. The girls love her. She's a little too crazy to be around little kids all day (I have a daycare) but she lets the kids know when to back off. She retreats into her crate when she needs some alone time. She loves attention and when we play fetch with her she's in heaven!!
Amy Maryyanek

Hi Linda, just wanted to update you on Sadie’s progress. She just turned three months old and is a ball full of energy! She is up to 13 pounds already and is still growing like a weed. She loves to play with our next door neighbor’s Saint Bernard and is become an integral part of our family. She loves playing tug of war and enjoys having her tummy rubbed. She is definitely keeping us active! We take her out hiking with us at least once a day and she loves running crazy through the tall grasses.

We actually were talking about adopting one of your “oops” litters! We are still deciding which one we want to pick, but will email you soon. Enjoy the pictures! Thanks Again!

~*~ Hi Linda, wanted to send you some recent pics of the girls. Sadie is doing great! She just had her 6 month birthday and is as energetic and crazy as ever! Lily and she have become best buddies and where ever Sadie goes, Lily is right behind! Lily is still pretty small at 4 months, but I guess that’s just the mini Aussie in her, her looks definitely takes after the heeler! She has to be one of the sweetest, most lovey-dovey dogs I have ever had. She loves to crawl up and kiss your face.

Thanks again Linda!


Victoria Swanson

Here are a few new pics of Yanko. We did rename him and his new name is Loki. He is doing wonderful with the whole family. Thank you again!

Linda-- Attached are some pictures Curt took of Roxy a few months ago. She has grown up so quickly!! I took her took an eight-week puppy class and she is doing well with the basics. I plan to take her to the intermediate class this fall. Roxy is getting her first hair cut today. Everyone loves her--she's got so much personality.

Thought you guys would like to see some pics of Abby. The first one was at the Callaway Preview show in May. The second one was in the pasture in April. I’ll try to get a new one of her this week with her “adult” coat. She’s doing really good for us.
Mike and Melinda Bastian

I don't know if I told you or not, but we named her CoCo Chanel. My wife is into fashion. She is doing great and I like to call her 4lbs of energy. Growing just fine and very energetic. Walk her and of course the boys play with her all the time. All our neighbors stop and ask what she is and we gush with pride. Thanks again for your kindness. She is a treasure.
Rick Kincheloe

Tessie(Carmen) is adjusting nicely

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to tell you that Mocha is growing well. She’s got a sweet personality and has definitely bonded with out family.Thanks again for mending my heart.

Thought you would like a picture of Daisy. I picked her up on June 3rd, she was born on March 27th. This picture was taken on Aug. 19th. She is a great joy in my life and I know she will bring me happiness for a long time. She is a wonderful dog, full of energy!! She really keeps me hopping!! She loves to go to the dog park. She loves everyone and all the dogs. A very social little lady.
Thanks again for this precious gift from God.

Here is the latest picture of Daisy - taken Oct. 14th. Just is becoming a beautiful dog! Can't tell you how much joy she has brought into my life. We are great buddies!! Thanks so much.

Christina Dennis

Hi Mrs. Reichel,
I bought my puppy from you a few months ago, and I decided it was time for me to send you some pics and let you know how she is doing! I named her Kali, she is a very smart dog! The first week that she was home she learned the command 'sit' she now knows the command 'come' and is learning 'stay'. We have introduced her to riding in the car and she LOVES it. she has been to the vet twice and has had four of her shots, and she will be fixed and will have her dewclaws removed at the end of September, and she absolutley loves the vet because she knows she gets food when she goes there. anyway here are the pictues that i have taken of her most of them are the first couple weeks I had her so she has grown a little bit since the pictures were taken and here in a few months I dont think I will be able to hold her anymore!
~kasey blake~


I just thought I would send you some pictures of Denali which we renamed Tucker Boone. He is about 12” tall and weighs about 12 lbs. We take him to a dog park here in town as much as possible and he is very interactive with both people and dogs. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He has been a great dog and we are very happy to have him in our lives.


Jacob Bixby


Just wanted to let you know, I spoke to someone at the vet's office today - her girlfriend's red heeler just passed. I suggested she check out the rest of the pups in Haka's litter that you have for sale ad gave her your website, so you may end up with another baby coming to the NJ/PA area. :) If you do hear from her, let me know so that I can let Haka spend some time with his sibling.
Thanks again. He is very happy here. I'm attaching a picture for you.
Jean & Jerry

Just thought you'd like an update on Gixer/Badger
He has both of his ears perked now and is growing like crazy.
He's a very sharp pup with a great personality!
I couldn't have asked for a better heeler pup.
Thanks agian for the great pup!


Hi Linda, I was just browsing the internet and like to look at ACD puppy pics and I saw a page that has Chico (the pup I bought from you on sept 1 07. Just thought you may want to remove it from the sale list. I also want to let you know that I am so happy with him. He is with me absolutely every possible minute I can manage to get with him. I just love him. He has an A.K.A now and it is Ozzie. Thanks for making it possible for me to have that little guy! Olivia Hentges

Hi Linda,

I hope you and your family are doing well.
Gus is doing great, everyone loves him. He is getting big, he is close to 5 lbs now. He sleeps with me every night-finally sleeping through the night! I have to take him in for his next round of shots in two weeks. I have him up to date and have started him on Heart Guard. He is really healthy, his coat looks great, I still can't get over those little brown paws.
I can't get over how athletic he is! He has adjusted well to the city-he seems right at home walking around North Beach and the Pier. I haven't taken him to see the seals yet-that should be interesting. I am going to get him started in puppy class soon, he met my room mate's dads dog yesterday and loved him. He still gets a little timid around other dogs so I think puppy class will be good.
We are still working on the potty training, I am hoping he will catch on soon for the carpets sake! but its ok he is still just a baby.
I have attached a picture of Gus and will send you some more with Chris and I.
Have a great weekend!


Blade weighed a little over 11 pounds and all went well at the vet.
He will be on a direct flight to Boston on Saturday, October 13, 2007 leaving St. Louis on American Airlines Flight #890 at 12:50 PM arriving in Boston at 4:30 PM. You will pick him up at Terminal B, lower level near Baggage Claim at a little office. It is the Global Priority Shipping Center.
I would take some paper towels and a garbage bag to clean his crate as they usually always make a mess.
Take a kennel lead with you too as they will not let me ship them with a collar or leash any more. He will probably be ready for a drink of water too and he loves chicken jerky treats.
His Air Bill # 68908313.

Hi Linda-
I just thought I would give you an update on our Australian Terrier 'Murray' that we got from you. He is one from the Beau and Bambi litter. Murray turned a year old on Sept. 9. He weighs about 13 pounds....(I remember you saying not to be surprised if he got closer to 20 pounds). He is doing very well and loves playing in his big back yard. He spends most of his time chasing birds or playing with our other dog Harley. I am very glad that we decided to make him an addition to our family because he is so sweet and quite humorous. Just thought you might enjoy hearing how he was doing! Thanks again!


I placed this tri male with my great-nephew. Diesel is his name and he is now a part of the lives of Wyatt, Amanda, Dane and Dylann

Here are a few pictures of Jorge and Milo (Rex). Milo wasn't answering to Rex so we changed his name. We bought Jorge a vibration collar and Milo has been helping him a lot! Milo has really come around and is not as submissive as he was when he first came home.

Hey there,Just though i would send a few pictures your way to show you how 'Gail' now known as Blue is doing. She went to the vet's on Wednesday and came out with a clean bill of health. I wish she would have been able to go to that vet's office in the first place. She is doing very well and I love her to death. Thank you!


Hello! This is Rob, I bought the blue heeler you called "Klondike" in mid September. I was just writing to say he's been an absolutely wonderful addition to my life. I'm attaching a couple of pictures, as I told you I would, to give you an update. I've called him "Hobbs". He's doing very well and growing like a weed. Anyway, I wanted to write to say thank you.


Rob Megraw

Boots has helped make Justin's recovery a little better!

Thank you from Justin

Thank you from Justin's family

Justin and Boots

Justin and Boots

Justin and Boots

Justin and Boots on thier trip home from Reichel Farms

Happy Holiday's!

Love Diesel

Sorry we have not emailed you in the last couple of months but the puppy who is now three months old and is named Buddy is doing well. I am very impressed with his disposition he is awesome if I can get some pics I will froward them to you. Thank you again.
Dan and Jen

Linda, Just wanted to send you some pictures of Cheyenne, formerly "Mi Mi"! Can't believe we've already had her a week now. I have already registered her with the AKC, and yesterday she, at 9 weeks old, had her first trip to the vet. Everything went great. She weighed 3.6 lbs. Potty training is going pretty good - last night she actually let me sleep for 5 1/2 hours -- Yeah!!! My golden retriever, Dakota, is slowly getting acquainted with her. He doesn't know what to quite think of her pouncing around and quick movements, and she has quite a bit of fe istiness in her. We've given her some chicken jerky treats like you suggested, nylabone for puppies and a knotted rawhide. She still likes to nip quite a bit though. Hopefully that will get better with time, as them puppy teeth sure do hurt. As for my walker hound, Mac, we still have yet to fully introduce them, and hopefully with time, that will go well. Other than that, everything is going well. She is so cute and we all love her. I especially love the snuggling with her when she's sleeping. Thanks again, Linda. Will try and send more pictures as she gets older. Dana McMahon

Linda, Here are some pictures of Cheyenne and her big brother, Dakota. Cheyenne at 10 weeks, and Dakota at 4 years. My Walker Hound, Mac, is doing pretty good with her. Better than I thought he would be. As soon as I get some pics of them together, I will send some. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Here are some updated pics of Cheyenne with her big brothers. We finally have gotten some snow -- haven't had much up to this point. Monday and Tuesday they are forecasting the lows to be -22 and -27 degrees. That's wintertime in the Rockies for ya!
Cheyenne weighed 5.4 lbs. at her 3 month checkup -- she's now 3 1/2 months. As you can see, she's having a ball in the snow with her big brothers. She's so hilarious to watch and doesn't have a scared bone in her body when it comes to her big brothers. She thinks she rules the roost, that's for sure.
Anyway, hope all is well in Missouri.
Dana McMahon


Happy Holidays Linda, I just wanted to share a picture of Taz Man. He has grown into quite a handsome guy. We have enjoyed him. He is a year and a week old now. Hope your holidays are great. I hear the weather has been quite bad back there. Hope you and your family are all safe and sound.

Linda and Bill Perry

Hi Linda!

Just wanted to update you on Sadie (litter of Aussies from 2/26/07) and Lily (Oops litter from 5/2/07). Both pups are doing great! I was concerned that they wouldn't like the cold weather and all of the snow and wet, but suprise, suprise! I can't keep them inside! They tear after each other in the snow and try and bring snow balls into the house! After the beginning of the year we will be entering them into some obedience classes. They picked up on basic commands (sit, stay), but are having some issues with recall. This makes me nervous since we have a lot of coyotes out here.

Sadie has filled out beautifully, she is about 35 lbs now. Lily has definitely taken after the mini aussie in stature, but heeler in looks; she is a little barrel of a pup, but not a bit of fat!

Thanks again for everything!

Victoria in Chicago

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