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He is a great little puppy! As you can see, he's already fond of his pink blanket and Krista =)

Hi Linda! The puppy is doing well, her name is dazie (I guess that is the hip way to spell daisy) and the girls love her. They are in the pictures, the oldest (sleeping in the afternoon to make up for the lost sleep at night) is Nicole, the middle is Rachel (age 10) and the youngest is Julia (age 5). She is very playful and is doing pretty well with training - I think it's me who's being trained (I am picking up on her cues better and sensing when she needs to go out). Anyway - you don't have to worry about her - she's loved (even my husband has a soft spot for her, but he'd never admit it).

Hello Linda,
Our Daisy (White Spot) is 8 months old now. We're happy with her. Being with her is so enjoyable. She is smart, lovable, affectionate, and good-natured. She's a worthy part of our family. She loves walking with us in the hills, or going shopping, or just riding in a car, or chasing birds in the backyard, or helping in every errand or else.
Here are her photos attached.
Best wishes,


From Paula in California, owner of a blue heeler female (no picture yet) Puppy's new name is Charger, she seems to be learning it okay. We are enjoying her very much, she is sleeping in a kennel next to my bed at night, and sleeps almost all thru the night. She is very much a puppy, and learning quickly what is okay to chew on, socks are still popular however. I will send a photo as soon as I figure out how. Thanks again, we love her very much.

From Sharon in Minnesota, who has a Mini Aussie from Freckles and Abbi's summer litter
I just wanted to update you on Brenin McGue. He is a delight and has made himself right at home. Although Brenin is all puppy with so much energy. He loves nothing better than to chew on his toys or run after one of the other animals. He gets in playful tussels with Lulu the sheltie, Scooter the cat, or Buddy the ferret. Poor Buddy. Sometimes Lulu and Brenin gang up on the ferret chasing him around the house. I think Brenin thinks the ferret is his personal wind-up toy, yet he is gentle with the ferret and Buddy certainly lets Brenin know when he has had enough. But they all get along. We have a large basket in the living room for the animals toys and Brenin goes over and picks out one then carries it around. He is more interested in carrying the toys around in his mouth than chewing or playing with them. We have taught Brenin and Lulu how to play tug of war with a rope. The will each grab an end and start walking around trying to get the other to drop their end. Then it's a game of chase to try and grab the end again. Brenin is so funny with just the stub of a tail. He doesn't just wag his tail, he wags his whole hind end. Anyone who sees him absolutely fawns all over him. He makes friends very easily.
We have looked into obedience training and hope to start that soon. He is such a smart little fella and learns very quickly. So far, he has not chewed on anything except his toys. He has picked up shoes in our entryway to carry around, but has now learned they are off limits. He has an old pair of sneakers of Brianna's that he is allowed to carry and chew and keeps away from the good shoes. It's nothing to be sitting in a chair and suddenly have a lap full of dog with a shoe in your face. Brenin is letting us know it's play time. He seems to enjoy the fenced in backyard. The two dogs run and chase. The back of our fence is the neighbor's chainlink fence who also has a golden lab. The three dogs run up and down the fenceline playing barking. This also gives Brenin and Lulu the opportunity to see what is happening out on the street and watch everybody walking by. In the summer there is always someone walking or driving by.
I have some pictures I can send you, except I keep forgetting to bring the camera to work so I can download them. I hope to send them to you in the next couple of days. I am so glad we were able to get Brenin. Brianna loves him and spoils him -- this is definitely her dog. But she is a happier person with a dog to love. She needs that unconditional love of an animal that is hers, not shared.
Thank you, Linda. And I'll try to get the pictures sent very soon.

picked him up tonight and my girlfriend was totally surprised, he is adorable and although shy at first he quickly started knocking over everything in our house and jumping into our laps .....we'll send some pictures next week.....we named him "foster" Australian for beer....... thanks again jeremy

I bought Aussie from you about 3 weeks ago and promised to send you pictures. I just wanted you to know how happy we are with her. She is so wonderful! Thank you so much! Natalie Burge ( Kansas City) Treat every day like it is a new one!

We finally all agreed on naming her Mandy. We all love her soooo much. She goes with me every day to take and pick up Hayden and Sammy from school. Hayden likes to rock her to sleep.

Everything went great, thank you the kids love him!!
Jon Pare

Hi we took a picture of the two together and wanted to send ya one. She is into everything and drags my clothes everywhere. LOL she is the boss of the other baby his name is red. he loves her very much and tolerates her being bossy. Anyway hope you enjoy the pictue and thank you again. Oh and we were so excited when we picked her up at the airport. We took her out of the carry and held her when we drove home and she was so loving and put her head on my husbands shoulder and fell asleep. it was cute. take care and any new pictures I will send you. thanks again

Sincerely, Dora and george thomason

Hi, Just sending this pic out to you of "Tuffy" now call "Auggie" and his girlfriend "Snowflake". I have a 5 year old that named her. They get along great and travel well together when we have to somewhere. Auggie has a more human personallity and Snowflake has a dog personallity. Not sure who is the dominant one in that scenario. He is doing well on potty training but is a bit if a sissy when we take him for walks in the woods. I'm sure when he grows up a little the terrier in him will emerge. He lost his first tooth today so it won't be long!
Kathy & Earl Kathan

It was love at first site for me. Paco (like that name seems to fit), is settling in just fine. He drank plenty of water when we got home. Eat this morning. Keeping him in X-Pen in the house so other dogs don't overwhelm him. He is barking at them this morning. This is going to work out just fine.

Here is Rusty @ 5 Months he a wild dog he runs so fast through the house we cant get him until he tires himself out but he's a bundle of joy loves the outdoor and to ride in the car hes has been to Richmond Va 6x and New Jersey 1x and will be going to South Carolina next Friday he loves my daughter he dont want you to bother her or he will bark till she comes by him.He's a very good dog.He has chewed about 3 leashes and i had to buy a chain cause he get lose and then while we leave during the day and he do get into everthing. Well take care i will keep in touch.

Norm made it home safe and sound! He is such a great dog and smart as can be!! He set up a small corral in one of the empty rooms in our new house and put his crate at the end of the corral with plastic down on the floor in the corral so if he had to potty it would be easy to clean up. After the second time I caught him squatting and put him his in corral to finish he figured out that that's where he was supposed to do his business and goes in his corral on his own now. Which is really impressive after only a couple hours in a new house. Anyway, I thought I'd include some pics of us with our new "family member." Thanks for all the papers and information you sent with him.

Here's pictures of Norm with his new family! We're all sitting on only couch in our living room so far watching DVDs together. He had a big first day here at our house. Getting to meet new people, and he met all of our new neighbors and ran around his new backyard. Then Norm and I took a nice long walk in the rain together exploring the new town. He is so well behaved and a great dog to walk!

He's all tuckered out now and curled up on the pillow we gave him in his den.
Thank you so much!
Jennifer Heinrichs

He's absolutly perfect. i took him ot a pet store with me to pick out a collar and leash and he did so good. every completemented me on how good he was for a blue heeler. he wakes me up in the moring by rolling on my head a nibbling on my ear. He's favorite game is chase. he follows me where ever i go and we decide on a name. He name is Dante. Thank you for everything you raise them so well. I have so much respect for you. just thanks! I will have pictures by the end of today sent to you promise! he's getting his first bath today so i'll send some of those. He defenatly put a lil sprakle in my life


Maggie is doing great she has the best personality of any pup Ive ever had!!
the kids love her to death!!
God Bless,


Hi Linda.. Happy Memorial day.. We have settled in pretty well, first two nights were a little up and down, but last night I think we have discovered our routine.. Tillie is eating and drinking well and seems to feel good and to be active and happy.. I am sure she will soon be the mistress of the rancho.. Will send along a picture taken shortly after she arrived home.. We think she is special.. Hope all other pups arrived safe and well.. Bill

Hi Linda...   Thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of pictures of Tillie as she celebrates her 9 month birthday tomorrow..  She is now 48 lbs, and  all muscle..  We have had some interesting challanges with her, but she is maturing into a sweet, loveable companion..  Hope all well with you folks...  Bill Worcester.....

I got back with her about 15 minutes ago. She is fine and looks good. I am so glad she is finally here, thank you.


6 Month Picture

Jake and KoKo in Illinois

Dear Linda,

Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Rosco/Patrick. Rosco was re-named Patrick by my 8 year old neighbors son because I got him on St. Patrick day. I want you to know Patrick is living the high life in Iowa. He has turned out to be the perfect dog to join my other dogs and we are all living happily together. He spends  the day and night inside with me and my other (2) dogs. If you remember my neighbor's have cows and their 8 year old son Drake loves Patrick. So after school and now this summer he is spending time with Drake and the cows. He is such a natural "stock dog" that he has already helped them move cows. Unfortunately I can't recommend they get a dog from you because they do not use heart worm, front line or regular vet. trips. as I do with Patrick and my other (2) dogs. Patrick is living the best of 2 worlds doing what he was breed for working cows and getting the kind of care we feel essential to a healthy life, as well as being a part of  the family in the home. I highly recommend your excellent breeding program to anyone that wants a smart dog that can be part of the family, especially good with children. He does like having a job to do with my neighbors cows so he his energy level and natural instincts are being used at the same time. Thanks again for giving me a wonderful addition to my family.

Debra Bond 

10 Months

All safe and accounted for.  I was in the Am. A. Cargo terminal office at 10:45 a.m.  The plane was on time and within 10 mins. of ETA Pepper was on the office counter. He slept most of the way home - not a peep until I had to make a gas stop in Sanford before coming home, and I learned that he does NOT like to be left alone! Before coming in the house, I let him sniff around the yard for about 10 mins, then inside to meet Maurice.  They stood each other off for a couple of sniffs, then the terrier took over and Maurice had to retreat to the living room.  Right now Pepper is in his large crate (about 2 ft x 3 ft), happily chewing on a bacon-flavored chew bone.  I'm surprised at the stuff they put in some dog treats - as bad as some people food - so now I'm reading labels for him, too.  He's not interested in food or water at this point; probably needs torest after a long day. I got a baby gate and will quarter him in the laundry room while he's beinghouse trained. He seems very stable and sociable... just "Don't leave me!" After all, he's hadlots of people and dog company. I'm so happy to have him and glad that I've got the summer to enjoy him.  Iappreciate all that you and your family - as busy as you must be- did to keep meinformed and to give him such a good start.(I think your weather forecasters must be more reliable than ours ...outside temp. 83 deg. and comfortable humidity.)I'll send pix and let you know how he's progressing.  I'm going to take him out every hour or so and let him walk around.Good luck with your present litters.


Update on Pepper at 3-mo. birthday: I am amazed at how intelligent he is.  By the 3rd day, he knew to "sit" when we come in from our walks (3-4 a day) while I take off his lead.  He waits until I say "Go in!" before he moves.  I now let him off his lead to run through the house, as he is getting the idea of eliminating outside, although the night-time laundry room is still covered in newspapers and puppy potty pads.  (He wants to eat everything in sight: mushrooms, rocks, sticks, ants, so I really have to watch him.) He is beside himself at the sight of people; gets so excited when someone stops to pet him; very alert at any movement - car, birds, helicopters overhead.  I took him to my daughter's last week-end (grandchild's 3rd BD), and he got to run in a half-acre fenced backyard.  He is very sweet and affectionate; active, cute.  His ears are almost 100 % erect; left one tips down a little. Absolutely super puppy. 


Pepper at 10 months. 23 lbs.! Going to obedience school. I hope you all are not suffering from the hay shortage for livestock I read about.



Jack is doing pretty good and we wanted you to have some photos! We are starting to get used to each other and our schedules but you can certainly tell he takes after the terrier. He doesnt like to be told what to do but we will be fine when we get to go to puppy school. Thank you for everything and I hope you have another litter because I have oodles of people ($$$) who love Jack!

I wanted you to have a few Halloween pic's of my boy! Now just to let you know I didn't and wouldn't dress him up but his daycare does these photo's for all of their clients.Jack is doing excellent, he surpassed every puppy his age in puppy class and still is the only dog I know at 5+ months who can sit, lay down, stay, shake and sits to put his leash on! His behavior has improved tenfold since we are used to each other and have a routine. We worked the bossy terrier right out of him with long walks, lots of love and kind but firm discipline.  I never new that walking through the door first or eating before your dog can totally change their attitude and it works! I love him and anyone who meets him loves and wants him! Soon I will need a sister for Jack but we can discuss that when the time is right.

Thank you so much,

Paul Amato

He is doing well and has gotten bigger than expected which I am actually happy about. He is a great dog at nine months old and I couldn't have asked for a better friend. He still catches everyone's eye and gets lot's of comments wherever we go.

Thanks Linda

Note from Linda:  Jack is one of our first Miniature Australian Shepterriers and is registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club and is definitely one of the newest "designer dogs."  Another litter is expected in September.

Yes thank you. That day that I called I had placed him in the cage and to tell you the truth, he cried for about 5 mins, then I took him out and he was just as calm as ever! This has been working for us ever since. He does still nip and it hurts quite a bit now, but he understands "No!" and that its something he's not allowed to do. Also, probably the best news of all...at least for my mother...he's starting to tell us when he needs to go outside. All we have to do is pay attention to him now.

Thank you so much! We love him more than anything! Here are some pictures of him.

I will keep you updated!



I bought a ShepTerrier from you and picked him up in Springfield. We named him Bear and I just wanted to let you know what a bundle of joy he is!
He has just made it to 9 months recently. He loves to play with anyone and everyone. However, we go through toys pretty quickly. Bear has a habit of chewing them up and ripping out all the stuffing!
I'm told that he is the Most spoiled dog in the world because of how I treat him, but what can I say...I cant help myself. He has so many toys and we never run low on yummy treats! Plus, he has taken it upon himself to make my bed equally his..and thats alright by me. I have a younger brother and sister who love him very much and he as well can play with them for hours. I have noticed that he loves little babies. The smaller the child, the more he runs after them.
When I'm at school my Mom says he spends the whole day in my room playing with his toys and sleeping on my bed. When I get home though he's all over the place. All in all, I love him very very much and I'm sure he will bring all of us much happiness.
Thank you!!
PS. Picture labeled camera 007 is when he was younger and you can tell the hair hasn't come in yet and then, camera 043 and 022 are more recent and, as you can see, he's grown to be quite a handsome little boy!

Clayton Thompson puts "Razz-ma-Tazz" through the motions at the Cole County Fair.  Razz is a 9 month old Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to let you know Red has made it here safely. When we got back to the house, he was ready to play, his adventure doesn't seems like it has bothered him at all. Right now he off to Pet-Co, getting spoiled with toys and all the stuff he needs. I will send you a pic in a few days
He is a sweetheart, very very intelligent, all ready hearding, and bouncing around the house.
Thank you so much

Hi Linda,
John named the puppy Dylan, and the smart little guy knew his name by  the time they arrived home Saturday night. He's adorable, and we're thrilled  with him! He did have some serious looking diarrhea and vomiting late yesterday  and last night so we took him to the vet this morning. He has some medicine and will be  on a bland diet for a day or so, but he checked out very well otherwise. The vet  seemed to think the upset tummy was due to the stress of travel, being in a new environment,  and having different water. He seems better already.Thanks for meeting John and Marc in Indiana. They were really glad to  have the time to bond
with the pup on the trip back home.
Let me know if you want more photos of him. I've taken quite a few!

I wanted to give you an update on my baby. I have named her Aysha Rae and she is
wonderful! She was so easy to house train, it didn't take long at all. We are so happy to have
our new addition to the family and she has wormed her way into everyone's heart. I am going
to attempt to attach a picture please let me know if it doesn't show up and I will try again.
Thank you so much,

Baby Ruth is here, and I think we have settled in to calling her Beau.  She is a beautiful puppy and the kids just love her already.  She could not stop licking my sons face all the way home from the airport.  I know it will take a few days for her to get familiar with her new surroundings, but she is doing just great.  
        Thanks very much

Hi Linda,

We have truly grown to love little Gracie, and I wanted to give you an update on her progress in the short 3 weeks since we have had her home with us.  At her 10 1/2 wk check up (next round of vaccinations/worming) she weighed 4.4 lbs and is doing great.  The culture for the two little bald spots did not grow any bacteria or ringworm.....so it must have just been a few battle wounds from her litter mates. She is doing well with the potty training at night and especially when she is in her crate.....just a few mishaps from time to time.  Our Golden Retriever & Gracie have become great friends.  Gracie is full of energy and doesn't want to back off a bit from playing with her big sister that out weighs her by some 60 lbs. I am going to send over some pictures too.  We are so happy to have found your farm.  Gracie always draws lots of attention where ever we take her.  She has got to be one of the cutest pups that we have ever seen.

Thanks again!

Terry & Mason Corbin

These are just a couple of updated pics of Shadow (bobtail).  She is an absolute sweetheart and the best dog I have ever owned.  I work on the road alot and she goes everywhere.  She loves the car and sometimes we meet my husband for lunch and she eats lunch with us.She is a wonderful addition to our little farm and I want to thank you again,  Amy

Hi Linda!
I'm Quincey Mars'  new 'mom'. Jim wanted me to tell you we got the akc papers, and he's registered. Thank you! He's doing very well, and even playing with one of the cats. The other two will need more time to get use to the chaos of his barks and quick hopping about. I was wondering if you had any photos of his parents to give me an idea of what he may evolve to look like. Some pictures I've seen of the a. terriers, they're VERY fuzzy. I'm sure his face will remain the same, but just curious about how fuzzy he'll be. We're very happy to have him added to our menagerie of furry housemates.

Dear Linda,
I just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Kansas City alright.  The puppy is doing great.  We decided to name him Murray. We googled some Australian cities and then decided Murray would fit him. He is such a sweet natured dog, and we have been having a blast with him as you can see from the pictures.  It took an evening for our other dog Harley to warm up to him, but as you can see they are getting along quite well.  He slept all night long from 10pm-6am in his crate before waking up.  I guess the excitement from the day must have worn him out.  Anyway, I am glad I found you.  Thank you so much for the beautiful puppy we call Murray.  We love him sooooo much!!!
Shelly and Chip

The little guy is beautiful, he hitter right with my wife and he does not let her do anything he just want to be hugged. I thank you so much. My wife said that when she saw it, she could tell that you were not about money but the well being of the puppy. So please any recommendation, anything you need just let us know. Thanks for the Christmas present.

linda, i finally came up with a name for the puppy...it took about 3 days to decide, but my mom wanted princess, my little brother wanted muffin, and my dad finally came up with princess coco chanel...i liked chanel a lot. its the perfume my mom wears, and it just sort of fit her in a way. she is doing really well already.  i have her almost completely house trained, she already goes to the door when she needs out. she doesnt like to be left alone, either, so i got a little purse that has vents in it so i can take her to stores with me. she did really well on the flight, as well...i included a picture of her, and will send more once i buy my own camera. i cant thank you enough, she is just perfect!!!

arlena gauldin

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